Fish Tank Sushi Storms Oakham

Fish Tank Sushi has arrived in Oakham with their very own custom coffee blend. They are now ready to take over the world.

Fish tank sushi handing sign in oakham

Now officially open and based at Bakers Yard, Oakham, the team are waiting to welcome you all for a happy, healthy, delicious and exceptional dining experience. Freshly sourced produce, a team of smiley staff, superb sushi chefs, unique branding, and ultra-cool décor all add to the awesome experience you will find at Fish Tank Sushi.

If you have children, take them along. The only rule is that kids can make as much mess with their noodles as possible. Sounds pretty good to us.

fish thank sushi interior and extorior

Alongside their ever changing menu of Meat, Fish, Vegetarian/Vegan Sushi and hot dishes, they have a unique blend of Two Chimps Coffee. That’s right- they have their very own custom coffee blend – how frickin’ cool is that!

The Fish Tank Blend consists of two speciality Arabica coffees which we roast and blend just for them. The only place you can try this custom coffee blend is at Fish Tank Sushi. Their blend will be served using their espresso machine, and the drinks on offer include a Flat White, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Late and Americano.

pouring water with a v60 kettle into a v60 dripper on a brew bar

At Fish Tank Sushi they also have a brew bar – YES a coffee brew bar in Oakham. Could this be the first?

Their brew bar has 5 V60 drippers with Pyrex glass beakers. Watching the baristas create this coffee is as good as drinking it.

At the minute, they are using a single origin speciality coffee from Brazil. This is freshly roasted and ground every week to ensure you get the tastiest drip filter coffee.

As the coffee seasons change, so will their filter coffee – even more reason to keep going back.


You surely can’t need any more convincing? Go check ‘em out and get ready to happy dance the whole way home.


Want to know where else you can find us? Check out our‘Where Can I Try Two Chimps Coffee’ page.

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