A New Peruvian Coffee On The Block

Sadly, no good thing lasts forever, not even our awesome coffees. But, when one door closes, another opens, so say hello to our new red label Peruvian coffee: Coffee and Paste. Grown at altitude near the city of Jaén, this coffee boasts a rich dark chocolate body balanced by sweet strawberry jam and a splash of fresh grapefruit.

You Say Ch’illtu, I Say Tomate

We know how it is. It’s Monday. You’re in the office, pushing data around spreadsheets. Copy, paste. Copy, paste. You need Coffee and Paste!

If only Ctrl-C (or Command-C if you’re a little more fruity) made a fresh brew appear on your desk…

Good For The Growers, Great For Your Tastebuds

This fantastic coffee has been sourced from the Ande Peruanos Coffee Producers Association. Ande Peruanos is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping over 260 coffee farming families grow great speciality coffee, as well as improve their income, quality of life, and contribute to the sustainability of their coffee cultivation areas and the wider environment.

Established in 2020, Ande Peruanos has gone from strength to strength, and in 2022 produced an impressive 10,560 quintals of coffee, all with an SCA ranking above 80. They estimate that this trend will continue, and expect to produce upwards of 15,000 quintals of high quality coffee in 2023!

We Can Stop Here, This Is Paddington Country

Not so much deepest darkest, as North Peru, Jaén is nestled in the Andes and boasts a warm climate year-round, with frequent refreshing showers. The altitude and good soil make it, and the wider Cajamarca region, an excellent place to grow coffee. Being a mountainous area, coffee farms in Cajamarca inhabit a wide range of altitudes. Ande Peruanos alone represents farmers growing between 980 and 2169 meters above sea level.

Peru is also the world’s leading producer of certified Fair Trade and organic coffee. A third of all agricultural employment in Peru is connected to coffee, and national priorities for the crop are to increase productivity through sustainable approaches, as well as improve the consistency of quality, and build increased international awareness and demand for Peruvian coffee.

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

No two harvests are ever the same, and even the best of coffees don’t last forever. Although this creates amazing new coffee experiences every year, it also means we can’t roast the same coffee all year round. But then, we wouldn’t want to anyway! At Two Chimps we buy seasonally, and hand roast regularly in small batches to ensure each bag we send out is at it’s best when it arrives.

If you’re dreading the day when you’re favourite coffee has its last roast, fear not! We’ve developed our colour system to ensure you get to keep drinking amazing speciality coffee that hits all the right spots. We work hard searching for new coffees with similar characteristics to each of the current range. When we finally roast the last batch of one red coffee, we already have a new equally awesome coffee ready to take its place. It won’t be exactly the same, no coffee could be, but it’ll be pretty close, and super tasty in its own right.

So if the parting of Oh Look, A Distraction has you distraught, don’t worry! Coffee And Paste isn’t a carbon copy, but we promise it’ll be as awesome, if not even more so!

It’s Brew Time!

Now you’re up to date with the arrival of Coffee and Paste, it’s time to pull your last shot of Oh Look, A Distraction and get ready to dial in your new awesome Two Chimps Coffee. If you’re a proud owner of a Two Chimps Coffee Subscription, you’ll be sent the new red label for your next delivery date. It may even be in the next delivery of our Mystery Coffee Subscription…Who knows..?

Happy Brewing!

Charlotte Dibble

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