Reusing Coffee Sacks

When we buy our coffee beans, we only source single origin speciality coffee beans which we ethically source and ship to the UK.

We collect the beans from the warehouse and store them in our roastery in the desired atmosphere which keeps them fresh until we need to roast them. We know that coffee is at is freshest just after it has been roasted and up to 4 weeks after that.


coffee sacks


This is why we hand roast our coffee to order. Some roasteries may roast all of their green beans and store them vacuum packed once roasted, however, we know that having freshly roasted coffee is the only way to have it.

We’re passionate about awesome coffee which is why we only use the best beans available and hand roast to order. This allows our customers to benefit from amazing tasting coffee, full of flavour and gently roasted to bring those flavours out.


coffee in roasting sample trowel


Over roasting can cause the beans to burn, which leaves a burnt bitter taste in the coffee. If you’re using the best beans, the last thing you want to do is ruin the flavour!

That’s why we’ve created specific recipes from our extensive knowledge and experience, to ensure they’re roasted perfectly, allowing those delicate flavours that you only find in speciality coffee beans to really shine through, once brewed. Not only that, but you also get it delivered by hand, every week for free, or sent using free first class post.


two chimps coffee enamel mug in gift box

Single Origin Coffee

We only use single-origin coffee that we source from smallholding farms, which means we use loads of different suppliers and farms all over the world. This gives us a good variety of coffee to choose from.

Often the harvest is small from these farms, and we sometimes purchase the entire crop. This is great for our customers as it means they get a unique coffee that they can’t get anywhere else.


a view of a coffee farm in brazil


The other side to this is that once it’s gone, it’s gone. We cannot source any more, and therefore, we need to source new beans from other farms. We love this because it means we get to try loads of delicious coffee!

Every coffee comes in its own hessian sack, lined with GrainPro bag to keep the beans fresh on their journey to us. Depending on the country of origin, these hessian sacks are either made to transport 70kg, 69kg, or 60kg of green coffee.

Brazilian coffee sack


Hessian Sacks

We recycle the GrainPro sacks by giving them away to people who reuse them as storage bags or bin bags to name a few uses. This way, we’re not throwing them away and keeping an eye on our carbon footprint.

The hessian sacks have a huge potential to be upcycled to make all sorts of everyday items too. Each batch of coffee we source comes in hessian sacks which are all different and unique. All are marked with the farm details, and they make a standard fabric look a lot more interesting.


a man in brazil carrying a coffee sack


Also, hessian is 100% natural, made from jute, hemp or flax yarn, making it biodegradable and really durable. Whatever you use it for, it’s going to last a long time!

We’ve been creative chimps and have dreamt up some great ideas to upcycle these hessian sacks into cool household items.

Getting Crafty

First off, we took some plain coasters and mats. We then covered them with a coffee sack to make a great coffee themed collection.


cafetiere and cups on coasters covered in coffee sack material


One of our dogs loves to burrow in his bed, and therefore, we continuously have to replace dog beds. So, we thought we’d upcycle a coffee sack to make a new bed cover for Jacob! He loves it!


dog on a dog bed made from a coffee sack


In the past, we’ve seen customers cover furniture such as chairs, footstools, toy chests as well as home furnishings like cushions and curtains.


foot stool covered with a coffee sack


If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make bags of any kind. For example, tote bags, laundry bags and even yoga mat bags. How about a new apron for cooking? Or even a table runner to go with your upcycled mats and coasters!


coffee sack covered cushion on an outside chair


Because hessian is a durable fabric, it works well as outdoor furniture covers too. We made this cushion for our outdoor garden chair!

Feeling creative and want to upcycle that tired old footstool you’ve been meaning to? Get in touch with us at the roastery here 01572 774389‬.


inside the reception area at two chimps coffee


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