Roasting Small Batch Coffee


Small Batch Hand Roasted Coffee.  What makes it so exciting?


coffee being sampled from a roaster


We are sure you hear this all the time, but we do genuinely LOVE what we do. Small Batch Hand Roasted Coffee isn’t just about turning the beans brown; it is how they are turned brown. As an idea, the same coffee from the same farm could be sold to 20 different roasteries, yet when they leave, they would all taste different. Just think of the endless possibilities!

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we start by selecting interesting beans from around the world (as do many others), but we select them with their end ‘use’ in mind.

We select some coffee beans for their brightness and acidity whilst we select others for their smooth, easy drinking abilities. No matter which coffees we choose, they are always looked after well and hand roasted lovingly in small batches.

Before they even meet Rosie (yes, we have named our roasting machine!) we test the coffee beans for moisture content and density. By gathering this information, we can then make an educated prediction as to how the coffee will react in Rosie’s drum.

When the roasting starts, we firstly choose a charge temperature. This is how hot the drum will be when the beans are added. Some beans can stand a high charge temperature, some cannot and they can burn. This is called scorching.


Coffee roaster gas meter

Gas Pressure

We can change the gas pressure during the roast, usually reducing it as the beans progress to ‘first crack’. First crack is a super exciting time for the coffee beans. Rather than the beans taking on heat, they start omitting it at such a rate that they start to crack – sounding like popping popcorn.

The development of the bean follows on from first crack. A short development time will bring out the acidity in the beans, whilst a longer one will start to turn that acidity into more caramel-like flavours.

A second crack can follow, if we allow. At second crack, the beans pop again. By now, they are very dark in colour and can start to take on bitter woody notes. Two Chimps Coffee see these flavours (usually), as undesirable, so our beans are saved before this.

The coffee beans are poured from the drum into the cooling tray where cool air is pulled through them. This stops the beans from roasting further. If the beans are not cooled fast enough, Baked flavours can occur in the coffee.

Our job is to control all of the above to get the most out of the beans for the desired brewing method.

So that is how we create Small Batch Coffee.

Simple really!


Coffee being poured from a roaster drum


When do the chimps roast coffee?

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we hand roast all of our coffee in small batches. This is to assure it is at its freshest when it reaches you.

The lovely people at Royal Mail collect it the same day it was ordered and as we only post 1st class, you should receive it the following day. If the postman has already collected, your order will leave us on the next working day.

Not only do we roast in small batches, but we grind straight into the bag (if required) on the date of order too! This way, you receive the freshest coffee possible, the way you like it and when you need it.


Roasted coffee being cooled in a roasters cooling bin


Sounds exciting? Head over to the shop to choose your small batch hand roasted coffee now!

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