Rutlands very own Cake Delivery Service is whipping up a storm

We’ve all got that little sweet spot haven’t we?

Where we crave some cake or pudding and we won’t stop until we find some sort of sweet treat.

Well, is there anything better in life than cake? Nothing I hear you say. Cake is a gift from the gods. WRONG…. How about cake and pudding that’s delivered to your front door? Yeah, you read that right, right here in little old Rutland, you can have cake, pudding and milkshakes all delivered to your front door. That grabbed your attention didn’t it?


rutland cakeaway milkshakes


Let us introduce you to the new heroes of today, Rutland Cakeaway.

Rutland Cakeaway have been trading for just a few months but unsurprisingly, each week is getting busier and busier for them. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm, they offer sweet delicious treats such as cheesecakes, sponges, slices, brownies and traditional desserts delivered to your house. You can order by phone or through their brand new fancy website that allows you to put your treats in a basket and pay for them there and then.


rutland cakeaway logo


As well as deserts, they make some absolutely killer milkshakes. All are made with ice cream and just about any flavour that you can think of. I had the kinder Bueno one last week and it was incredible.

Locally Sourced

Everything is homemade each week by the team at Cakeaway HQ in Oakham. And if it can get any better, all cakes and puddings are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients from in and around Oakham. Wow; am I wanting some cake right about now? If only someone would deliver it to me…..


rutland cakeaway coffee cake


So all that sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? It can’t possibly get any better, can it? Well, it sure can, and this is where we come in. Rutland Cakeaway likes to change things up a bit and as of next week, will be offering some weekly specials. There first is to be a coffee and walnut cake and yep you guessed it, using Two Chimps coffee. Wahoo. It’s like the perfect combination!

Cakeaway will be using a coffee from Guatemala; Flip Flops in the Rain to produce this wonderful creation. Chosen for its rich and chocolaty flavour coupled with the wonderful nutty after taste; it’s like they were made for each other.

In the coming weeks, they will also be experimenting with our Honduran coffee 88 minutes past 3, to whip up some delights such as tiramisu, alongside coffee and caramel bites.

rutland cakeaway sponge cake


Ok, so now I’m really hungry and craving for cake. May have to give them a call.

Fancy getting your bake on?

Check out our coffee lovers blog and guides for recipes, and if all of this talk of cake is making you thirsty, head over to the shop to get freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door.


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