Send Coffee: fresh coffee delivered to your door

Oh, hey, postie! ?

What’s that? The option to send coffee in the post? That’s awesome!!

Sending coffee to someone special

Send coffee

Sending coffee is just like popping a smile in the post. Only better, because it tastes lush and makes you feel AMAZING!

So why send coffee to someone special with a Two Chimps Coffee delivery? All our speciality coffees have been cupped and scored by professional coffee Q Graders and hand-roasted in our little Rutland roastery. Giving the best is important, so we’ve created lots of ways to send freshly roasted speciality coffee to lucky friends and family. Ooooh, won’t they be pleased?!

Whether you’re looking for a ground coffee delivery or a quirky coffee gift set, we’ve got coffee presents you can send straight to their door.

This is the best sort of love there is. Just letterbox-shaped.


fresh coffee delivered and sitting on a doormat

Sending v. Supermarket

Send coffee and you’re not just sending great-tasting beans. Oh no. You are also giving quality, sustainability and on-top-of-the-world fun. Because at Two Chimps, we only roast the best. We know we’re not the Apple Store of coffee, but we’re small, friendly and jolly good at what we do. Our relentless focus on quality means your lucky recipient will get the finest coffee delivered to their door – nothing less.

Supermarkets store roasted coffee for months. We don’t. Coffee isn’t like wine; it doesn’t exactly take to ageing very well… That’s why we only send freshly roasted beans that taste bright, vibrant and never, ever bland! We roast multiple times each week to make sure you always receive the very freshest coffee – no matter when you place your order.


Coffee beans in roaster drum


Painting the post green

Sustainability is key. No question. We’re a climate-positive company and run a green-hosted website, too. All our coffees are sourced as directly as possible through ethical coffee importers who share our values, meaning that sustainability is never brushed aside.

Give coffee in the post, and you know they’ll be receiving a planet-friendly pressie. We’ve carefully selected coffee bags made from 100% recyclable LDPE and recyclable stickers made from matte paper. Right down to our eco-friendly glue dots, we make sure everything is clean and green!


set of three coffees on the table with tin - two chimps coffee


Convenient coffee – that’ll do the trick!

Coffee through the door is the simplest way to a special surprise. Coffee deliveries are easy to set up and even easier to receive. All our 250g bags fit snugly through a standard-sized letterbox, so your pal can be out and about and still have lovely coffee waiting for them at home.

For our larger gifts – the knock-your-socks-off kinda coffee presents – we ask postie to leave them somewhere safe ready for when they get home. If there is a specific hidey-hole you would like us to use, just let us know and we’ll pass a message on.

From awesome coffee gift sets to letterbox-friendly coffee bags, we keep every part of the process stress-free!


Two Chimps coffee gift with tote bag


Get their gift just right

The best presents are those chosen with care, not just grabbed off a shelf in a hurry. But we also know that you haven’t got hours and hours to spend searching for the perfect present. That’s why we’ve upped the ease on personalisation. Customising their coffee delivery couldn’t be simpler; just follow the step-by-step options when you check out to send coffee tailored to their tastes. After selecting their coffee, you can choose the weight you’d like to send and whether you would like us to grind their beans. That’s it: bespoke coffee 100% ready to brew!

Why not add a free gift note when you send your order? Or treat them to a fun extra – an enamel mug, perhaps? With endless ways to personalise, you can give that just-for-you gift in minutes.


Adding a gift note to coffee gift


Little extras from Two Chimps

What a kind soul you are, sending coffee in the post. Hey, we think you deserve something special, too! How about FREE delivery – does that sound good? We think so too; that’s why all our orders are delivered First Class and free of charge. No extra charges lurking at the end, just lovely coffee delivered to their door.

Remember us telling you that we’re keen on all things green? Showing the planet some love is always top of our list, and now you can help, too! We work with Ecologi to plant trees and offset our carbon footprint. Place your first order, and we’ll plant a tree just for you!


Pouring water into aeropress using swan neck kettle


How do I make this happen?

Fancy sending coffee as a gift? Save yourself from stressful shopping trips (facemasks on, off, on, off…) and give a bespoke coffee delivery instead. Simply pop along to our online coffee shop to select your options. We’ve cleared away the jargon from our checkout process so you can perfect that present right away.

Not sure which coffee to choose? Perhaps you need a bit of help deciding on the grind size? No problem – just get in touch and we’ll sort it out in a jiffy!


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? From letterbox coffee to lovely coffee gifts, send some smiles in the post with Two Chimps Coffee! ?


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