Should I Serve Takeaway Coffee?

Serve coffee already? Great; and if it’s Two Chimps Coffee then all the better!

Offer takeaway coffee? No? Serving takeaway coffee is just like serving coffee inside; all you need are some takeaway cups and lids. A very small outlay for a potentially large revenue pool. Win-win.

Let’s take a look in more detail at some of the benefits of serving takeaway coffee.


a two chimps coffee takeaway cup in a hand

Extra Revenue

By serving takeaway coffee, you could be appealing to a whole new customer base. For instance, many who are on their lunch break won’t have time to sit down.

Offering an awesome coffee that can be taken away is a great way to turn this person into a customer. With these extra customers throughout the day, there is no reason why you shouldn’t see an increase in revenue.

Once a takeaway customer is drawn into your premises, you have the same opportunity to upsell them a sandwich or cake as you do a sit-down customer.


The best advertisement for any business is word of mouth. Every customer that walks out with a drink in hand is a walking, talking advertisement for your business.

As long as your coffee is good, your customers will be happy to tell others. Couple that with a branded takeaway cup and even more will see what coffee you serve, attracting more customers for a cup of awesomeness.


texturising milk using an espresso machine

Serve Even More Customers

By serving coffee to go, you are not just limited to the size of your premises. As some coffee shops can be quite small, tables fill up quickly. If you don’t offer takeaway coffee, potential customers will walk in and walk straight back out again when they see there is no room at the inn. By offering a coffee takeaway option, you can still turn these into paying customers too.


latte art in a cup looking down

No Extra Ingredients Needed

There are no extra ingredients required when starting to offer takeaway coffee; you have everything you need already. If you need an A-Board to shout about your new takeaway coffee service, we supply these to our wholesale coffee customers free of charge.

We also have other point-of-sale material which can be used in and around your premises if required. This includes window stickers, strut mounts and posters. You will also need some takeaway cups which can be purchased through us in small numbers, reducing the need for storage space, and reducing the financial implication of trying something new. But you already have the staff, coffee, milk and everything else you need, so what’s stopping you?

Financial Implication

As mentioned, the financial implication can be quite small. For example, you can purchase just 100 cups and lids from us at a time. For more information, give us a call.

tamping a portafilter

Returning Customers

By serving takeaway coffee to those who are, at that present moment in time, too busy to stop, you are introducing your company and its coffee to more customers. These customers will be back, and maybe, next time they will come in and sit down.

If you’re a hotel or restaurant that offers takeaway coffee, maybe next time they will stay for a meal.

So, if you were unsure about serving takeaway coffee before reading this, hopefully now you can see how the benefits outweigh the cost implications!

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