Single Origin Colombian Coffee

Looking for a new and freshly roasted single-origin Colombian coffee to start your day with a kick?

Then look no further, as we’ve got a brand new speciality coffee to show off… and it is oh so tasty.


coffee beans falling out of the cooling tray


Speciality Coffee

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we roast ethically sourced coffees, by hand and in small batches. These are not your average coffees though, oh no. We only roast speciality coffees which have been ethically sourced from small farms and single estates across the globe. Speciality coffee is a much higher grade of Arabica coffee, and much more attention to detail helps make it so.


Ripe coffee cherries


As an example, the coffee cherries are handpicked and hand-sorted at the farm to reduce impurities. This goes some way to ensuring that there are no primary defects in the beans. Primary defects are beans that might be blackened or sour and will affect the taste of your coffee. To receive it’s speciality title, the coffee has to be graded and awarded 80 points or higher, and have no primary defects. This score is determined on various things like taste, smell, mouthfeel and, of course, defects – or lack of them.

Because the coffee we source is of such a high quality, we can roast to bring out the natural flavours with the opportunity to roast lighter. Coffees of a lower grade that do have defects are usually roasted darker to mask these. This is why coffee can sometimes taste bitter or burnt.

Small Farms and Single Estates

Our coffees change from time to time as we always want to have the freshest and best coffees available for you to enjoy.


Ladies standing on and with green specialty coffee


To source our coffees, we work alongside importers who work directly with the farms and washing stations in the county of origin. These smaller farms and estates will only produce so much coffee each year, so when it’s all been grown, picked, processed, scored and shipped, we are unable to go back for more, because it’s all gone.

This means that when we have roasted our stocks, there is no more to roast and that particular coffee is no longer available.

How much do you order?

When we find an awesome coffee, we reserve enough to last us for 6-8 months; meaning the green coffee is still new, fresh and in season while we roast to order. On the flip side, if this is a coffee that you enjoy, you can order it again and again until it runs out. There is nothing worse than finding a coffee you love and then not being able to find it again.  Hopefully, this approach is a win-win for all.


picking coffee cherries


When a particular single-origin coffee of ours becomes close to finishing, we look to replace it with something else. Sometimes this is from the same origin, but a different farm. At other times, it would be from a new origin. This is dependant on the harvesting seasons that vary from country to country across the globe.

When looking for a new coffee, we look for one that holds similar tasting notes and characteristics to the last. For example, our blue label single-origin coffee is always sweet and intense with a fruity punch, designed for the morning to start your day the right way. So far, this has always been a single-origin Colombian coffee.


coffee farm in colombia


Our current coffee, Organised Chaos from Colombia, has a toffee-like sweetness with a rich dark fruit punch. It will be sad to see this one leave the building but, that sadness will soon pass as we are very excited to announce our latest single-origin Colombian coffee.

Our New Colombian Coffee

So, without further ado. Introducing our brand new Single Origin Colombian Coffee; Livin’ the Dream from Toribio; a town nestled in the Andes Mountains. Toribio can be found in the South West area of Colombia in the region of Cauca and is known for growing and harvesting some of the very best coffees in Colombia. This single-origin coffee was grown at 1800-2000 metres above sea level and processed using a washed method. To learn more, check out our blog on the different processing and drying methods for coffee.

Roast Style

We have roasted this coffee medium/dark, and, while it tastes awesome however you brew, our favourites are in an espresso machine, Moka pot or Aeropress. The pressure of these devices highlights the sugary butterscotch sweetness.


two chimps new Colombian coffee


Our troop member Skye says… “ This is beautiful. My morning cup just got sooo tasty. I really am livin’ the dream”.

When you brew, you will find a butterscotch sweetness with a sugary aftertaste that lingers. You’ll also notice a high acidity which is similar to grapefruit in every sip – yum.


cup of coffee on the table


So there we have it guys, our newest member of the two chimps coffee family. Grab a bag now, and watch out for the next one to come in.

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