Small Batch Coffee Subscription

Enjoy delicious coffee direct to your door with a bespoke coffee subscription.


There are times when coffee is pants. When it runs out? Pants. When it tastes dull? Pants.

Put an end to pants coffee moments with your very own small batch Coffee Subscription from Two Chimps! Look forward to honest, freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door at intervals that suit you. Tailor each part of your subscription, from the coffee you choose to the amount you receive, to create a personalised plan that’ll Change. Your. Life.

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Seasonal Coffee

We’re big on taste at the treehouse. And service. And humour (well, we think so…).

What we’re not big on is bulk buying lorryfuls of coffee. Instead, we source as directly as possible from individual lots, small farms and single estates. Buying from individual harvests means you always receive the highest quality coffee and helps us to understand our coffees to the max. How did the farmer process this coffee? What were the growing conditions like that season? Knowing all the info helps us make important adjustments to our roasting and bring you heaven-made brews with every bag. Oh yes, it’s fist-pump time.


Female coffee sorter throwing coffee beans with her hands


Seasonal sourcing means our coffees change every now and then. It’s impossible to repeat an individual lot of coffee – rainfall, altitude and growing methods all play their part – so we can’t bring you the same cup for years on end. Instead, we select new coffees with similar tasting notes and keep things simple with colour coded labels. Take our sunny yellow label: brew a bag of this, and you’ll always get a bright, light coffee great for the morning. Same deliciousness, just a little bit different.

But don’t worry, we don’t make you dizzy with endless switching. Our staple coffees only change once a year, on average, while we roast new limited editions every three/four months.




Roasted in small batches

We keep the scale small when it comes to roasting. Rather than bunging huge loads in the roaster, we roast our green arabica beans in small batches of 12kg. This enables Head Roaster Andy to analyse each batch and tailor the roasting recipe accordingly. The result? Perfectly roasted coffee with the ULTIMATE balance of flavours. Seriously, if sweetness and acidity ever tied the knot, this would be their wedding.


Coffee beans tipping out of roaster


Speciality coffee delivered to your door

And guess what? You’re invited! Enjoy flawless coffee again and again with your very own Two Chimps subscription. Set up a personal plan in just seven steps, and then look forward to fresh coffee delivered straight to your door. Never run out of coffee again – arrive home to fresh speciality coffee instead! Sounds like a good swap to us. And, with FREE First Class delivery on every order, you no longer need to worry about sneaky delivery charges. Wahey!

Subscribers save £1 on every bag and enjoy a host of other benefits, too. Did someone say 10% off store-wide? And tasty samples? Ooooh, we think they did…


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Bespoke coffee – just how you like it

We’re a small family team and always put you at the heart of your subscription.

Unlike other coffee subscriptions, which might limit your coffee choice or only offer one delivery option, we give you complete control. Build your plan from our easy-to-use layout to create a spot-on coffee subscription. Choose any coffee in our range or opt for the Mystery Subscription to try a new coffee each time. Then, select your grind size, weight and delivery frequency. Do you want to receive 250g, 500g or 1kg? Weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries? Set it all out in our subscription builder.

You’re not carving your choices in stone, so don’t worry if you fancy changing after a while. Just enter your Coffee Account or get in touch directly, and we’ll make all the changes, no problem. Want to press pause for a while? That’s fine too – just delay your next delivery and reactivate it whenever you are ready.


Above shot of v60 with ground coffee and swan neck kettle


Supporting farmers

We source coffee exclusively from reputable growers who pride themselves on the quality of their crop. Sourcing via ethical coffee importers means we keep the in-between stages to an absolute minimum and pay the farmers the good price they deserve. In fact, we go beyond Fairtrade standards to pay between 30 and 150% more than the going rate for our speciality beans. Top stuff!

We focus on ethical, sustainable sourcing with partners who share our commitment to a better world.

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