Speciality Coffee at The Collyweston Slater

The Collyweston Slater is the ideal place to go.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to eat, have a few drinks, somewhere to stay or, even all three! This pub is everything you expect from a village pub; and more! And to make it even better, we’re now serving speciality coffee at The Collyweston Slater!

Let’s take a look.

From the original flooring to the open fireplace, The Collyweston Slater has a real warm and cosy feel. There are seats around the open fire, making this a lovely place to warm up and thaw out in those colder months. Equally, in the warmer months, their beer garden allows you and your friends to have a few drinks in the sun.


fireplace inside collyweston slater


If you are looking for accommodation, The Collyweston Slater has three rooms available. Two of which have a double bed each and the other has a king-size bed. Staying over a weekend,? Awesome. You will be able to enjoy their delicious weekend full English breakfast too. Alternatively, get stuck into a continental breakfast, along with other smaller dishes.

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Mhmmm… Food!

Food is what this village pub does best. You will find pub classics such as steaks and sausages and mash, as well as modern dishes such as halloumi and grilled pepper. The team prides themselves on using seasonal and local produce as much as possible. They run special nights too. For instance, throughout the week you can enjoy Tuesday Steak Night, Wednesday Curry Night and Fishy Fridays & Chippie Tea Takeaway. Lots of their dishes can be altered to suit specific allergies also, and their menu is full of vegetarian dishes and gluten-free options too.


the collyweston slater

Speciality Coffee at The Collyweston Slater

As well as offering awesome food, The Collyweston Slater now serves Two Chimps Coffee! Currently, you will find The Box of Frogs; a full-bodied and creamy coffee from El Salvador.

Looking for a decaffeinated coffee? No problem. They also serve our sweet and complex sparkling water decaffeinated coffee from Ethiopia.

These coffees are served from a bean to cup machine nestled just in view behind the bar. As well as enjoying a coffee with your breakfast or after your meal, you can grab a coffee to takeaway too; Great if you’re just passing through.


Recyclable Two Chimps Paper Cup


The speciality coffee at The Collyweston Slater will change from time to time. This is a result of sourcing our coffees from small farms and estates from around the world. When a coffee has been harvested and drunk, it is gone for good. Although the coffee plant will regrow its cherries, the flavours won’t be the same year on year. This is due to things such as the micro-climate at the farm, or the processing and drying methods used next time.

When we are coming to the end of a coffee, we already have another ready to take its place. This new coffee will have very similar tasting notes, but never the same. For instance, the last coffee may have a note of cocoa and hazelnut. Its replacement may have signs of dark chocolate, nuts and subtle apple acidity.

Can’t make it to The Collyweston Slater? Head to our shop where you will find a full list of all our coffees today.


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