Two Chimps Spring Coffee Schools

Introducing the Two Chimps Spring Coffee Schools

Do you love Coffee, or know someone who does? Then our spring coffee schools are for you.


two chimps coffee school spring poster

Want to know more?

What will you learn at one of our spring coffee school evenings? Well, firstly the evenings start with a brief introduction to speciality coffee along with how it is grown, processed, graded and ethically sourced. Next, we hand roast a small batch of coffee on our Diedrich roaster, showing you how we control the temperature and airflow throughout the roasting process. See the change in the colour and smell of the coffee as the beans change throughout the roast.


coffee sacksWhilst the roast is cooling, learn how to brew coffee using different brew methods. See how the coffee tastes different from different devices, such as a filter and Aeropress. Observe how the grind size can make a huge difference to the coffees taste too.

More importantly however; learn how to make a cracking cup of coffee at home.

Pouring water into a Chemex coffee maker from a swan neck kettle

Ask as many questions as you like and drink as much coffee as you like – and spend an evening with the team.

To ensure that everyone is able to see, hear and make the most of the evenings, we only take a limited number of ‘students’ per school.

Our Spring Coffee Schools run from 7pm on an array of different weekdays. Hopefully, this means there will be a date to suit you. All schools are held at our roastery in Rutland, based just outside Oakham.

They are free to attend but are booked on a first come, first served basis.

So, book a place at one of our spring coffee schools and join our coffee school party!

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