Staining Wood With Coffee

Besides giving us that burst of any energy we all need in the morning, coffee has some other great uses too.

If you’re looking to stain your wooden table for instance, rather than heading for your nearest hardware store, head for your cupboard instead. Coffee can be used to give your wooden table, sideboard, or bookcase that authentic stained look which will really make it stand out. And to make it even better, it’s super easy! Let’s take a look at the process of staining wood with coffee!


filling a portafilter with coffee


All you need for this is:

• Coffee. Espresso is best
• Medium sandpaper or belt sander
• Paint Brush or old cloth
• Clear matt Varnish

Before we start staining wood with coffee, it’s worth mentioning that different types of wood will absorb different amounts of coffee which, in turn, will produce different shades. It can also be hard to get the degree of stain required spot on. To find your preferred stain, test on an off-cut first to give you an idea of how the finished piece will look.

If, upon first reflection, the stain isn’t as dark as required, add another coat once the first has had time to absorb and dry. Continue in this manner until the desired colour is achieved. Remember how many coats you added however; you will need to make sure you add the same to the finished article.

Right then, let’s start staining wood with coffee.

Firstly you will need to brew your coffee. We find that a nice strong espresso is best. Once you’ve brewed your coffee, put it to one side and let it cool. After it has cooled, pour into a plastic container or just leave it in the mug. You may need to brew a few depending on the size of whatever it is you are staining.


a shot of espresso pouring into a mug


While your coffee is cooling, you can sand the wood down if required. This can be a significant step, especially if the wood you are staining has previously been stained, varnished or painted over. After sanding, remove any dust that may be on the item, so it doesn’t get stuck to the wood when you start staining it.



Now, the fun part! Using a paintbrush or old cloth, begin to cover the wood with your coffee solution. Make sure you do so in even layers, so the stain doesn’t become uneven.



After you have evenly covered the wood, leave for 30 minutes or until dry. If a darker stain is required, repeat the steps. Once you have your desired level of stain, wipe off any excess coffee from the wood and let it dry completely.



To keep the colour locked in, coat your coffee-stained furniture in a clear, matt varnish. Two coats are ideal, but we will leave that up to you.



And there you have it. A simple guide on how to stain wood with coffee.



Although this process might take a bit of trial and error, the end result is truly awesome!

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