The Magical Myths of Coffee Strength

What’s that we hear you cry “I love a strong coffee in the morning” or “I need a strong coffee today to wake me up”.

Strong coffee is sometimes confused with bitter coffee. To explain, darker roasted coffee beans can take on bitter notes which can lead you to think that the coffee tastes stronger. This is not the case. In actual fact, lighter roasted beans contain more caffeine. This is because lighter roasted beans don’t stay in the roasting drum for as long as others, so they hold onto more of their naturally occurring caffeine- Crazy huh!

The green coffee beans themselves or the roasting process do not determine the strength of your coffee either. Their job is to help highlight and enhance the coffee beans natural flavours that you taste when you brew.

So what do I do? How do you make strong coffee or coffee with more of a caffeine kick?

We have the answer- as do you. It is sitting in your cupboard or even your Two Chimps Tin!

Coffee Tin, Magnet and bag


A strong coffee can be made with ANY coffee and by anyone!

“Whaaaaaaaat?!” That’s crazy right?! WRONG- its true-ooh-ooh I wanna’ be like you-ou-ou!

Quite simply, YOU decide the strength of your cup of coffee! The quantity of coffee that you add to the same amount of water, will determine its strength. If you like a stronger coffee- add more coffee when you brew!

For example, if you have 320ml of water to make a mug of coffee, try using 20g of coffee. If this isn’t ‘strong’ enough, then next time add 25g and so on. By doing this, you will create your unique Coffee to Water Ratio for brewing. WOWZA impress your friends with that lingo!

An aeropress being filled with more coffee to make a strong coffee

So there you have it- you can create a strong coffee without buying ‘Strength 5’.

If you would like some tips, check out our brew guides for making coffee.

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