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Find your perfect coffee quiz with this tasty round of coffee trivia! Just what every coffee morning needs.


Do you know your Americano from your Affogato? Your cold brew from your Bourbon beans? Test your coffee knowledge right here!

It’s just a bit of fun (actually, no, we’re taking this uber seriously!!)…


Two Chimps Coffee quiz with Answers.

Question 1

What is a lungo coffee?

Question 2

Where will you find the world’s largest coffee shop?

Question 3

At what time of day do most people drink their coffee?


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Question 4

Which espresso-based coffee drink takes its name from the Capuchin monks (hint: what does CAPuchin sound like…?)

Question 5

Which country produces the most arabica coffee (the top-quality stuff!)?


Question 6

What contains more caffeine: a can of Red Bull or a shot of espresso?

Question 7

What is the world’s most popular coffee brewer?

Question 8

People in America drink the most coffee. True or False?

Question 9

Coffee was discovered by early farmers in Japan. True or False?


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Question 10

Which has more flavour compounds: wine or coffee?

Question 11

Do you make iced coffee with hot or cold water?

Question 12

How many points does a coffee need to score to be classed as ‘speciality’ rather than ‘commodity’ coffee?

Question 13

Which contains more caffeine: a single espresso or a cup of filter coffee?


Question 14

What is an Americano?

Question 15

Plants use caffeine as an insect repellent. True or False?


yellow coffee cherries growing on trees in Colombia


Coffee trivia: the answers!

  1. Lungo coffee is a type of espresso. You use the same amount of coffee as you do in an espresso, but double the amount of water. You also extract for longer to give an espresso drink that’s balanced and more mild than an espresso.
  2. The Al Masaa Café in Saudi Arabia takes the record as the world’s largest café – it has 1,050 seats!
  3. Breakfast. Did you know that over half of all the coffee we drink is consumed at breakfast?


4. The cappuccino! Not only does ‘cappuccio’ mean ‘hood’ in Italian, but the cappuccino was thought to resemble the light brown colour of the monks’ tunics.

5. Brazil grows the most arabica coffee. We find around 40% of the world’s coffee supply grown here! Vietnam grows the most robusta coffee (the low-quality coffee that ends up in many instant varieties).


 Sunset at Fazenda Zaroca coffee farm in Brazil


6. A can of Red Bull contains more caffeine than a single espresso. One can gives you an 80 mg caffeine kick, which is about the same as a double espresso.

7. The Bialetti Moka pot.

Keep going, whizz-kids, you’re halfway through!

8. This is false! The Finns drink the most coffee. That’s right, 12.5kg per person, per year!

9. False! According to legend, an early Ethiopian shepherd discovered coffee while watching his goats. The merry (highly caffeinated) goats were bobbing around a coffee tree after munching the coffee cherries that had fallen to the ground.


sign outside Two Chimps coffee roastery in Oakham


10. Coffee has many more flavour compounds than wine. The best fine wine will rarely have more than 250 flavour compounds, while good coffee offers over 800!

11. You make iced coffee with hot water, and then pour it over ice to chill.

12. 80 points or more. Certified tasters score a coffee through a rigorous testing process know as ‘cupping’. They look out for everything, from aroma to mouthfeel, and mark the coffee out of 100.


13. Contrary to popular belief, an espresso contains less caffeine than the average cup of filter coffee. One shot of espresso contains 63 mg of caffeine, while a cup of filter coffee gives you a 140 mg caffeine kick.

14. An Americano comprises of hot water and espresso. You typically use 1/3 espresso and 2/3 water.

15. This is true – caffeine occurs naturally in around 60 types of plants, and they use it to repel pests.


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How did you do in this mighty coffee quiz? Have you secured your spot as coffee maestro? Or are we seeing you slink off sheepishly behind your coffee tin?

Either way, we think you deserve a coffee! Let’s pop the kettle on.


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