The Best Coffee Christmas Gifts 2022

Put the best under their tree with one of these mug-ical coffee gift sets!


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Christmas is heeere! Well, nearly. We’re in that countdown-mince-pie-making-present-buying phase. Which we all know is the BEST BIT about Christmas!

Got a coffee lover on your Crimbo list this year? Great news! You don’t need to spend hours in the shops – our artisan range of Christmas coffee gift sets will keep them smilin’ throughout the season! Would they like a ground coffee gift set? Or maybe a very merry coffee subscription? Find their perfect present below!

Seriously, guys, anyone would think the TC roastery is Santa’s workshop…


Two chimps coffee roastery


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Limited-Edition Christmas Coffee

Treat their (most probably novelty) mug to limited-edition Christmas Coffee! Each year, we source and roast a new festive special. And this year? It’s… YULE LOVE THIS.

Yule really will. Brimming with festive flavours and all round jolliness, this Christmas special coffee tastes just like mince pies! Take a sip and savour its stone fruit sweetness, then enjoy its merry tang of cranberry and plump raisin. And the finishing touch? The glittery star on the tree? That delicate hint of vanilla calling sweet cream to mind.

Ohhhh… warm mince pie and vanilla cream. In a coffee.

Yup, it’s as good as you’re thinking…


Two chimps christmas coffee with a mince pie on a plate


Why not pop some YULE LOVE THIS in their stocking? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for an actually-really-good Secret Santa pressie? This is it!

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Christmas Coffee Gift Set

Score serious gifting gold stars with this festive coffee gift set. It’s utterly tree-mendous!

We have some stellar coffee gifts sets at TC, but this is Santa’s fave. It’s your failsafe when it comes to Christmas gifts for coffee lovers! Think of it as a Christmas party with all the best guests. Yule Love This is the star, with its mince pie magic and A* aroma, and then come a cool black-and-white branded coffee tin and TC magnet. The magnet’s super handy – they can use it to stick their coffee label and brew instructions on the fridge!

You can personalise their coffee gift in a jiffy with our speedy selection process. Simply choose their brew method from the dropdown menu, and we’ll grind their Yule Love This coffee fresh on the day of dispatch. It’s the ground coffee gift set that’s got Santa’s approval! Maybe they’re #TeamWholebean? Cool! Just select whole bean from the menu and we’ll send lovely beans instead. Sorted.

Two Chimps Christmas Coffee and Tin Gift Set


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Best Selling Coffee Gift Set

Let’s take things slow. It’s Christmas, after all.

You’re searching for coffee gift sets > you choose this Best Selling Coffee Gift Set > you make someone insanely happy on Xmas morn!

This jolly coffee set is guaranteed to be a winner. We didn’t name it ‘best selling’ without reason…

They’ll unwind their ribbon-tied box to find three full-sized bags of delicious speciality coffee. These are our most popular options – the ones they’re sure to love! You can choose from two scrummy trios (a light roast and a dark roast one) and select their brew method as before. You ‘snow’ the drill.

Just like all our coffee gift sets, this top option arrives hand-packed and ready to give. Because who wants faff and last-minute wrapping?

And yup, you can gift this to yourself. Just say it’s from, errr, the dog?


Three bags of two chimps coffee in a gift box with a tin and black ribbon


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Coffee Lovers Taster Pack

We all know selection packs are a hit at Christmas. Just look at all those tubs of choc!

Channel pick ‘n’ mix vibes into their coffee with this fab coffee taster pack. This awesome set features six treat-sized bags of speciality coffee beans or fresh coffee grounds – you choose! Each coffee is unique, showcasing different flavour notes, roast styles and coffee origins. Maybe they’re not sure what they like or just enjoy a spot of exploration? This is the coffee gift to grace their tree!


Coffee taster set in white gift box with coffee tin and coffee beans


Treat them this Christmas ?





Coffee Mocha Gift Set

Say one seasonal hello to the gift box chock-a-bloc with freshly roasted Two Chimps coffee and premium hot chocolate flakes! Because wintry evenings are made for mochas, right? Mugs of deliciousness so hot and scrummy they steam up your glasses? We think so.

Their Coffee Mocha Gift Set features fresh TC coffee plus – are you ready? – a bag of real, 72% cocoa chocolate flakes! And, oh my, they are lush… rich, decadent and ludicrously delicious, this luxury hot chocolate is a chocolate lover’s dream! A million and one times better than the powdered stuff.

And does this mocha set arrive ready wrapped? Delivered FREE and First Class? You bet it does! See it as our Christmas gift to you. ?


bag of artisan hot chocolate with marshmallows and green sweets


Choc this way...




Coffee Subscription Gifts

They’ve opened their presents and eaten the last mince pies… but the coffee keeps on coming!


? Because coffee subscriptions might just be the best gift of 2022! ?


Why? Because they make 2023 their Year of Great Coffee. That’s right. Treat your coffee lovers to a Two Chimps coffee subscription and they’ll receive fresh, frequent deliveries of hand-roasted speciality coffee. It’s like putting happiness in an envelope and sticking it through the letterbox. Just better (tastes nicer).


A small parcel letter on the floor



Coffee subscriptions are super simple to set up in our quick coffee plan maker. Just select a coffee they’ll love plus their brew method and delivery frequency, then we’ll do the rest. Because everyone says you should delegate at Christmas, right?

And don’t think you’ve got to spend a fortune. You can set up a coffee gift subscription for less than £20! You can also go all-out with a twelve-delivery plan and become Official Best Present Giver 2022. It’s up to you.


Whatever you choose, a bespoke coffee subscription is sure to be a hit this Christmas!


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Bag of christmas coffee with a santa hat sits besides two chimps coffee mug and mince pies


Fancy more coffee gift ideas? You could head to the North Pole and ask the big guy. Or, you could click below (and stay nice and warm).


Christmas coffee!

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