The Best Tea for Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday, ma’am! Hmmm… we wonder what tea Her Majesty enjoys alongside her birthday cake?


It’s your Birthday… again!

The 12th June is the Queen’s official Birthday. Whoop whoop! ?

Or whoop whoop again, because Her Majesty has already celebrated her birthday this year. On the 21st April, the balloons went up for her actual birthday (that is, the day of her birth). The second Saturday of June, meanwhile, marks the Queen’s ‘official’ birthday.

What’s the reason for the double celebration? Well, unsurprisingly for us Brits, it’s all down to the weather. The official birthday is always held in summer when the sun is (hopefully) more likely to be shining for the Birthday Parade. This has been tradition since King George II in the 1700s;  his birthday was in chilly November, so it wasn’t the best time for a party.

The monarch’s official birthday is a day for celebration. Big celebration. More than 1400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians come together to paaarty parade formally in the Trooping the Colour. It’s quite a spectacle, but won’t be going ahead this year due to the pandemic.


Sample bags of tea


Heartache for chocolate cake

So, we hope she’s going all out at the palace. And what’s the best medium through which to channel your going-all-outness? Cake!

The Queen enjoys a special cake on both birthday celebrations. Chocolate cake is the treat of choice; the royal family have an indulgent recipe dating back to Queen Victoria.  It’s chock-a-block with dark choc and doesn’t skimp on sugar. But, hey, why not – it’s your birthday!


Slice of cake with fork


What’s the best tea for chocolate cake?

What do you need to go with cake? Tea! Cake without tea – it would be like fish without chips, Ben without Jerry, rain without water…

A slice of beautifully rich, ganache-rippled chocolate cake deserves a pretty top tea. Good job we’ve got premium loose leaf teas just right for Afternoon Tea and beyond! To accompany her chocolate sponge, we’d recommend that Her Majesty try our Breakfast Tea. Its malty taste pairs perfectly with cake. The stronger flavour is also a great way to start your morning off the right way.

Looking for something a bit lighter? Try our brand new Darjeeling Tea from the Gielle Tea Garden in India. Renowned worldwide as the ‘Champagne of Teas’, this fresh-tasting loose leaf tea is ideal for mid-morning. The leaves are picked during their second flush (harvest), when the flavours start to develop a fruity taste that balances a sweet, buttery cake.


Bag of Darjeeling tea


Earl Grey for Her Majesty

The Queen has good taste in tea – top marks, ma’am! She drinks loose leaf (we only source loose leaves, too – the flavours knock the socks off teabags!) and likes to start her day off with an Earl Grey. We absolutely ADORE our sweet Earl Grey Tea. You’ll find hints of caramel and vanilla with the citrusy freshness of Bergamot Oil. The unmissable flavour pairs beautifully with dark chocolate sponge. Neither flavour overpowers the other; they create a happy harmony you won’t be able to resist.


close up of darjeeling tea by tiger and the bee - two chimps coffee


I like green and herbal

Are you a green tea queen? No problem. We’ve got a healthy, vibrant, brain-boosting Green Tea from south India that you need to taste. It’ll add zing to your tea break and zen to your life, trust us. It works exceptionally well with white chocolate bakes, and we like to enjoy it with a dash of lemon or lime. Citrus zing, green tea freshness, white choc sweetness = heaven.

If herbal is more your thing, try our Peppermint Tea. It’s soothing, fresh and naturally caffeine and calorie free. Peppermint tea boasts a cool, clean taste that goes marvellously with dark chocolate (the After Eight knows what it’s talking about). So good, in fact, that we swear it’s royal-tea!


Bag of green tea


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