The best thing about coffee by post

Picture this; it’s winter, and it’s cold & raining outside, so there is only one thing for it – coffee!

Off to the kitchen, grab your bag of Two Chimps Coffee and horror! You’ve run out! Luckily you are a clever chimp and have a spare ready because it would be silly not to! But this still means you need to get more coffee and what better way to stock up than to order your fresh coffee online in the warmth of your own home. Simple!


coffee beans being poured into a tin


One of THE best things about ordering your Two Chimps Coffee online is that its fast and free 1st class tracked delivery over £25 ! So, not only are you saving money by not having to drive to the shops, you don’t have to pay for it to be dropped off either. Cheers Chimps!


brown envelope on a doormat


Another best thing about coffee by post is that each bag you receive will be the freshest it can be; straight from the roastery. Because we know that fresh is best, here at Two Chimps, we want everyone to drink the freshest coffee possible.

Every batch of coffee that we produce is lovingly hand-roasted in small batches. We only roast speciality coffee too, which is the highest grade of Arabica coffee available.

We ethically source from all over the world, from single farms and cooperatives; because we only want to use the highest quality.


Coffee cherries




Another benefit to ordering coffee by post is that your coffee comes to you from a skilled artisan roaster.

Let me explain. Once we have sourced our green coffee, we store it until we need to roast. We roast multiple times each week, assuring you of the freshest coffee when it arrives by post. The freshest coffee is between three and fourteen days after roasting, and this is why we roast in small batches; we don’t want an abundance of coffee going stale on our shelves, oh no.  We handwrite the roast date on every single bag of coffee as we are proud of the freshness of our coffee. This way, you know that you are receiving the freshest beans every time. It helps you stock rotate in your cupboard too.

coffee leaving the cooling bin

Roasting coffee

Because our coffee is of the highest quality, it means that the beans are bursting with naturally occurring flavours. Therefore, we want to make sure that we don’t over roast them, causing the beans to burn and lose those flavours. That would be tragic; especially after the farmers have spent so long growing and nurturing our coffees.



We know through knowledge and experience that roasting coffee is an art. Roasting involves learning how to check the beans’ moisture level, the temperature of the roaster, how long to roast for, not to under or over roast the beans and when to turn the heat down, to name a few. Based on what type of coffee we are roasting, we create unique recipes to ensure that we get the most from the beans and that each batch is consistent. You wouldn’t want to buy a product that you love to find it tastes different from the last time, would you?

As well as following our unique roast profiles, we also use sensory milestones to monitor each roast. We can see the colour change in the beans; we can smell the beans as they roast and we can also hear some of the changes too. As the beans roast, they start to change colour from light green, to yellow and eventually to the dark brown we all recognise as coffee. In regards to the smell, there are three milestones we look out for. The first one we know as grass. This occurs as the beans slowly start to warm up, and the moisture begins to leave the beans. It smells a bit like wet grass! Hay is next. As with real hay, as it loses more moisture and goes past the grass stage, the beans are starting to turn yellow, and we can smell hay. Finally, the best stage; known to us as bread. As the roast progresses, we should be able to smell freshly baked bread! Mmmmm!


coffee being sampled from a roaster


What is over-roasting?

When roasting our beans, it’s really important to ensure that we don’t over roast the coffee beans. As mentioned, over roasting will result in a burnt coffee which is now missing all of its naturally occurring flavours. Instead, the roasty, smoky, bitter and burnt flavours of over roasting prevail. This is not what we want.

To explain further; later in the roast, the coffee goes through a further reaction known as an exothermic reaction. Exothermic means the energy is being released. We know this is happening when we start to hear the beans ‘crack’. As they take on heat and roast, they get to a point where they cannot take on any more heat and so release this heat, forcing the bean to crack, creating a popping sound. This stage of the roast is called the First Crack and once we hear this, we know we are getting close. We never roast much past first crack as we know that by doing so, could result in burning the beans.


Coffee being poured from a roaster drum


All of this making you want a cup of coffee?! Whatever kind of coffee brew device you favour, we have a coffee to suit you. We roast some of our coffees lighter and suggest that they are best suited to devices such as the V60 filter, offering you a light, fresh coffee. On the other hand, we also roast some of our coffees to a medium dark roast, which we suggest are more suited to brew methods such as espresso or stovetop.

New to fresh coffee?

Maybe you have only tried instant coffee in the past and therefore never used anything other than a kettle?! That’s OK! We LOVE talking about coffee and would be more than happy to advise on any of the brewing devices available and a freshly roasted coffee to match.

You might think it is expensive to brew fresh coffee at home, but when you can get a perfect tasting cup of coffee from a £10 V60 drip filter, you can’t not try it!


pouring water on a v60, filter and coffee


And just before the end, another great thing about coffee by post is that we grind it to suit your brew method perfectly on the day of dispatch. No more generic supermarket grind sizes are needed!

For instance, if you have an Aeropress, we will grind your coffee to suit. Love to grind coffee yourselves? Super. Choose whole bean instead.


coffee being ground using a grinder


What is your best thing about coffee by post? Is that £25 is all you need to spend for free 1st class tracked delivery , or the super freshness? Or maybe the perfect grind size by an artisan roaster? Whatever your favourite is, tell us! Get in touch with the team today. They would love to hear from you.

Ready for coffee by post? Head to the shop now!


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