The Gift that keeps on giving: Coffee Subscription for Christmas

14th December 2023

Give someone the perfect Christmas Gift: Hassle-free, fresh Coffee every month!

We’re not showing off or anything…but we really are making gift-giving too easy! We have the best presents for all coffee lovers, but what if your Gift kept on giving months after Christmas? Well, thanks to our coffee subscription, it can! Wahoo! Be ready to gain all the brownie points, folks- this Gift goes above and beyond. You can set up a personalised plan for your friend, partner, or family member in just seven steps. Tailor each part of their subscription, from the coffee you choose to the amount they’ll receive. You can relax knowing you smashed Christmas this year. Their mug will never be empty again, heaven!


Christmas Coffee


Fresh coffee will be delivered straight to their door whenever you want, and it is carbon-free! Yes, your coffee is delivered with NO CARBON! So how the heck have we managed that? Well, we have offset any carbon it took to get the coffee to us, roast it, pack it and deliver it. All of our packaging and bags are 100% recyclable, too. Oh, did we mention we offer FREE First-Class delivery on every order and a £1 saving per bag of coffee? 10% off store-wide and tasty samples? This subscription is a stroke of genius (even if we say so ourselves)!

What makes Two Chimps Coffee so good?

There’ll be no burnt, dull-flavoured commodity coffee from Two Chimps! We only roast the finest speciality coffee, ethically sourced from small farmers and cooperatives worldwide. Speciality coffee is a cut above the rest in the caffeinated world. Awarded 80 + points by certified Coffee Graders (Q Graders), speciality coffee leaves the other stuff in the dust. We are talking about high-grade arabica that is handpicked when perfectly ripe- creating these uber beautiful, naturally sweet, and all-round delicious flavours. We know your mouth is watering (ours are!).

We have various roast styles and flavour notes to fit any coffee lover’s preference. We even let you know which ones best suit specific brew methods and times of the day (we told you we made this too easy). Whether your gift receiver loves to fire up their espresso machine with a medium/dark roast or use their cafetière for a light and fruity brew, we’ve got them covered.

Variety of flavours

Delicious new speciality coffees are constantly updating our stock because our beans come from individual harvests. Repeating the same coffee year after year is impossible due to environmental factors such as rainfall, altitude, and growing methods. These all play a vital part in the coffee harvest and flavour. Therefore, our coffee range changes frequently, roughly every 8-12 months (depending on how popular that roast is!).

For people who love a routine and aren’t a fan of change, don’t worry. We use colour-coded labels to ensure it stays simple. We always seek out similar flavour notes when replacing an old roast. Take our best-selling orange-labelled coffee: brew a bag of this, and you’ll always get a smooth, medium/dark roast with chocolate notes. For people who like ton try out funky, jazzy flavours in their mug, we have a few limited-edition coffees a year for events like Christmas and Valentine’s Day or if we come across a funky coffee that we just have to get our hands on.

First Roast Club

Now you know how we work, let’s talk about the First Roast Club Subscription. This does what it says on the tin: we’ll send a bag from the first roast of every new coffee before they even go on our website! They’ll get the exclusive scoop. Once signed up, the first bag of coffee will be a bag of our most recent brew. They will also receive a Two Chimps coffee tin and a magnet to keep their coffee fresh and tasty. The subscription will then be paused and only activated when a new coffee has been roasted for the first time. It will state a monthly frequency; however, this will change depending on the timing of the new coffees. You can choose between a 250g, 500g or 1kg bag of coffee, ground to suit your gift receiver’s brew device or left as whole bean.

Steps to gifting a Coffee Subscription

Setting up your gift coffee subscription is as easy as pie. Well, maybe not entirely; pastry is tricky, and this is simple. First, you must head to our online shop and go to our Coffee Gift Subscription Page (we also do a decaf only subscription!). Here, you can select how many deliveries you want to send to your intended person. Once selected, you need to choose a frequency on how often you want them to get coffee, how many grams, grind size and roast style. We also have a *mystery option, which means you leave the decision up to us! But don’t worry, we will still grind it to your selected brew method or leave it as whole bean! You can then pop in a date on which you would like the first delivery to arrive and the name and address of your person, and note down a few words on our gift note message option (or leave it blank). All that is left is to checkout, and you’re all set. Happy dance time! Christmas is sorted.

*This subscription won’t include decaffeinated coffee. If you’d like it to, pop a note at checkout

Have we convinced you yet? Make someone’s Christmas extra special this year. Sign up today!


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