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As you know, we are crazy about all things coffee. Apart from the fact it tastes amazing and gives you that needed morning boost, we love that every day is a school day. There’s always something new and exciting to learn and explore, whether that’s new fermentation techniques, funky brewing methods or awesome trends such as Dalgona (whipped) coffee. It loves to keep us on our toes! One of the best parts is sharing our new knowledge with you lovely lot! We know you get just as excited as us to test out unique flavours and recipes, which make coffee that little bit more irresistible. Saying this, today we will be answering some of the frequently asked coffee questions we hear at Two Chimps, including some myth busters. Let’s dive right in!


Two Chimps Latte


1. Why don’t we sell pods?

Probably one of our most popular coffee questions, there are a few reasons as to why we don’t stock pods. One of the main reasons is simply due to the waste produced by single-use pods. When Two Chimps first started in 2016, these plastic pods could not be recycled, causing them to be dumped in landfills. However, today, pod companies have tried to become more sustainable, making their pods recyclable to a certain extent. It is still somewhat challenging to ensure they are recycled, as not all councils except these in your average household recycled bin.

The second reason comes down to freshness. We roast our beans in small batches multiple times weekly to ensure you get the freshest brews, only grinding to order. With pods, they will have to be filled with pre-ground coffee ahead of time. Even though these are sealed, they could stick around at Two Chimps HQ for weeks until they reach your door. Therefore, your brew wouldn’t be as fresh as we’d like, and coffee is always best served fresh!


2. Is a pod machine quicker?

Technically, a pod machine does win in the speed battle compared to other brew methods. If you rush out of the door wanting a quick coffee to sip on your commute, a pod machine will give you the fastest brew time you desire. However, we think this gives you a massive loss in relation to the coffee flavours. A pod machine always falls flat when compared to a bean-to-cup, cafetiere, Aeropress or moka pot. You get a fresher, more authentic-tasting brew when opting for one of these methods, especially when using Two Chimps’ speciality coffee! We think sacrificing five minutes of extra sleep in the morning is worth it to have a proper coffee bursting with incredible flavours. It’s the perfect way to start your day!


Espresso Machine


3. Does water temperature make a difference to the brew?

The short answer to this is yes, absolutely it does! This may surprise you, but water temperature is one of the biggest things people overlook when popping on the kettle. Using the proper water temperature is essential as it affects the extraction rate. This relates to the process of extracting the compounds in your brew, such as oils, acids, and caffeine, which all affect the flavours in your cup. You can over-extract these elements if your water is too hot, causing an overall bitter flavour. We suggest letting your kettle sit for around 30 seconds after boiling it before pouring it over your espresso or cafetiere to ensure this doesn’t happen.


4. Can I practice latte art with washing up liquid?

Surprisingly, this bizarre question is actually correct! Many new baristas do this exact thing to prevent wasting milk. This applies if you are trying to master using a milk wand on your coffee machine. Add water, where you would typically have milk, to your jug. Then add 2-3 drops of washing-up liquid. Start to steam your ‘milk’ as usual and see how this water and washing-up liquid mimics milk stretching and foaming!


Milk Frothing


5. Do I need to spend thousands to get a good coffee at home?

This is one of the coffee questions we often hear from you guys. The answer is absolutely not! The rise of expensive home brewing devices has created the misconception that you need one of these fancy machines to make good coffee. However, you can still make a delicious cup of speciality brew from the humble cafetiere. You can get these for around £10-£20 from your local shop. Nevertheless, we recommend spending a little more for a good quality one to get the best extraction. Check out our Barista & Co cafetiere gift sets here, which are available with any coffee and a choice of two cafetiere sizes.


6. Is speciality coffee worth it?

You can probably guess our answer to this coffee question…of course it is!! We only source speciality coffees for a reason; the flavours are just on another level. Ever wondered why commodity supermarket coffee tastes so bitter? That’s because they are low-grade beans that are burnt to disguise the flavour of this quality. We never offer purely dark roasts at Two Chimps because there’s no need for us to burn our awesome speciality beans. They naturally have all these incredible flavour notes, which only improve from caramelising during roasting. Don’t take our word for it; have a try yourself here!  


7. What can I do with old coffee grounds?

You can do so much; don’t put them in the bin yet! The best use for them is in the garden. When sprinkled on the ground, the coffee discourages pests like slugs and snails but encourages worms. They can even be used as a fertiliser when mixed with other compost material due to their high nitrogen content. In the kitchen, an uncovered jar of coffee grounds in the fridge will help combat unwanted smells. They are also a great hack to remove any garlic or onion residue from your fingertips. Just rub between your hands and rinse. Voilà!


Coffee Grounds


8. Are all Two Chimps coffees single origin?

Yes, they always are! We ethically source our coffee via a small supply chain trade, as the coffee is of greater quality. Speciality coffee costs 30-150% more than commodity coffee, ensuring the farmers get a better price for their hard work, going back to them directly. All our coffees come from small farms or cooperatives. Sometimes, we can trace our beans back to the farmer who grew them!  We also don’t blend our single-origin beans, as we don’t want a muddle of lots of different flavours coming from multiple beans in your mug. With our brews, you can focus on the flavours coming from one bean. Deeelish!


9. What’s the difference between Arabica and Robusta?

You’ll only ever see speciality Arabica at Two Chimps, but why? Arabica beans are the more popular of the two, with 60% of the world’s coffee supply being of this bean type. These beans are grown at a high altitude, creating a smooth, rich taste. They also contain more oils than Robusta beans, which boosts their awesome flavours.

True to its name, Robusta beans are literally more robust. They are less at risk of disease and can grow quicker in the sun and at a lower altitude. However, they typically produce a harsher taste, bitterness, higher acidity, and earthy flavour notes. They are also strip-picked regardless of whether they are ripe or not, as there is less waste, so they keep the price low. These tend to be the beans instant coffee companies pick (yuck).


Brazil Coffee Cherries


10. Do I need to keep my coffee in the fridge?

Let’s settle this myth- no, you don’t! Coffee beans are pretty sensitive to changes in temperature, causing unwanted moisture, which can affect the freshness and make your coffee go stale quicker! Our coffee bags have nifty one-way valves and are heat-sealed. This keeps your coffee fresher for longer, lasting 12 weeks once opened and up to 12 months when sealed! Wahoo!


There you have it, the top 10 most asked coffee questions answered! You’ll be a coffee expert soon enough. Still, have some burning questions? Check out our FAQ page to see if we hold the answers.



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