Top 5 Ways to Make Coffee at Work

Our Top 5 ways to make coffee at work

At work you have a million and one things to do – but you need your coffee. So we wanted to introduce you to 5 awesome ways to make coffee at work with minimal effort and little mess.


First up, we have the Aeropress. It looks nothing like a coffee maker and it is guaranteed to make your colleagues jaws drop. It does make a seriously good cup of coffee with ease though. All you need is hot water, freshly ground coffee, your favourite mug and a bin. It is that easy.

You can make more than one cup with the Aeropress, but we wouldn’t shout about that because you’ll have to make coffee at work for everyone!

If you work outdoors, take a flask of hot water and bobs your uncle! Our handy Aeropress coffee makers are complete with a travel bag too.


Looking down on an aeropress


Second in the line-up is a V60 dripper. This sits directly onto your cup and takes ‘single use’ paper filters.

Dripper on, coffee in, pour your water, discard filter and… Ta dah – one awesome cup of freshly brewed filter coffee in less than 4 minutes.

No washing up, no mess and all yours. Well, you can make more than one cup with our 02 sized Hario V60 coffee drippers, but it depends if you’re in a sharing mood.


A V60 coffee maker complete with coffee grounds


The third is a Cafetiere. The thick tasting coffee that you get from making coffee in a cafetiere is great, but cleaning them can be a task. Our handy tip for using a cafetiere to make coffee at work is to have a sieve to hand. Yes that’s right, we said a sieve. It will catch all your coffee grinds and mean a quick rinse is all your cafetiere needs.

Sharing is caring, so grab a large cafetiere and make coffee at work for your colleagues too, or not and just share it with yourself.


A Cafetiere being stirred to break the crust

Moka Pot

Fourth, we have the Stove Top or Moka Pot. You can use this device if the kitchen at work has an oven top or hob.

This percolating coffee maker gives you a strong, thick and syrupy tasting coffee. Dilute with water or milk, or not if you need the caffeine kick!

Our top tip for using the Moka Pot is to put boiling water into the base rather than cold. This means that the coffee will extract faster leading to a sweeter cup. Whatever you do – don’t leave it unattended, as soon as it starts to gurgle, take it off the heat and pour immediately. You won’t have to watch it for long though, use the boiling water trick and it should extract in 60-90 seconds.


Pouring coffee from a moka pot to make coffee at work


Last but not least, if you can’t make coffee at work but still crave speciality coffee, then this one is for you. Make a couple of cups at home using your desired brew method, pop it in a flask and take it with you – simples! It takes a little longer in the morning to get ready, but just imagine the great tasting coffee you will have with you all day at work.


coffee in an orange mug with a kettle and tin


So there we have it, our 5 top ways to make coffee at work. You can find tips, tricks and videos of how to make all of these coffees on our ‘brew guides for making coffee’ page.

Need coffee?

Grab some here!

Right then you – back to work.

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