Top Business Gift Ideas

During a time when we need to do our bit for the safety of the world, there has never been a better time to say thank you to those who deserve it, than right now.

For some, it continues to be challenging to work; for example, those in the hospitality and events industries. Others have found that working from home has become the new normal.

Talking about working from home for a minute; there are many positives. For starters, your commute is rapidly decreased as well as saving on fuel or travel tickets, the toilets are always empty and only a few feet away, the coffee is free, and there’s no queue for the canteen at lunchtime!


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However, we know there can be downsides too; such as working alone and balancing childcare. So, if you’ve got team members who have been working hard at home, then say thank you with a gift of Two Chimps Coffee.

We’ve got a range of great ideas for you to give as gifts, including bags of freshly roasted speciality coffee for under £10.


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Whatever job you do or wherever you work, everybody wants to be appreciated. Whether it’s just a simple “Thanks for today” from the owner on your way out; it can make someone feel good about the work they are doing, especially in a difficult situation.

If you want to go that bit further, then a gift is an awesome way to say thanks to your employees. It may just be that they’ve been working at home alone, or perhaps they’ve gone over and above on something or even a special occasion like Christmas or their birthday, a token gift can make someone’s day.

Two Chimps Coffee

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we hand roast single-origin speciality coffee multiple times each week to give you the freshest coffee available. All of our coffees are ethically sourced single-origin coffees from small farms and cooperatives around the world.


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We only source speciality coffee because it’s the highest grade of Arabica coffee available, and the distinctive, unique flavours found in the coffee is what we love.

We hand roast each coffee to a unique recipe to ensure an even, consistent roast that highlights the wonderful flavours found in our coffees. Because we only roast to order in small batches, multiple times each week, every order sent is as fresh as possible.

We firmly believe that fresh is best and that’s why we suggest to all of our customers to order little and often.  Delivery is always free, whether it’s hand delivered locally or sent by 1st class post.


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Our website is full of information about the coffees we roast and the farms that they were grown on. We have blogs about our customers and other topics, as well as a section for recipes. Our online shop currently has eight single-origin coffees available, including a Chemical free decaffeinated coffee and two limited edition coffees. We also offer Hot Chocolate Flakes and loose-leaf tea, as well as brewing devices, mugs and coffee storage tins.

Why am I telling you this, when we are talking business gift ideas? Well, yes, we have put together our top 5 business gift ideas for coffee lovers below, but you are also welcome to choose anything you wish from our shop and coffee equipment store too.


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Top 5 business gift ideas


Lets start with our roast coffee at home gift set. See the stages the coffee goes through while roasting by having a go yourselves at home. This kit includes instructions, 500g of green coffee, and 500g of roasted coffee too.

All you need is a heat source and a wok and you are good to go.

This comes complete in a hand-tied presentation box, ready to gift.


coffee roasting gift set with bags of gree and roasted coffee on a table



How about coffee and a new brew device? We have multiple options available here, from the classic cafetiere gift set to the timeless chemex gift set and the Aeropress gift set nestled somewhere in between. Others are available too, and we are sure you will find something they don’t already have!

All come with the coffee of your choice, ground and ready to go.


aeropress in box with mystery two chimps coffee



How about a coffee gift for couples? This includes two bags of coffee, two enamel (virtually) unbreakable mugs and two coasters. Ground should you wish, or wholebean if not, this gift set comes complete in a ribbon tied presentation box.


a couples coffee lovers gift set



Just want coffee, and loads of it? Well, try our best selling coffee trio boxes. Here you will find three of our best selling cofees, available as a darker or a lighter roast. All lovingly roasted by hand on-site at our coffee roastery in Rutland.

This set comes with a two chimps tin and magnet too, super useful for storing your coffee.

It also comes in a hand tied box too, and, as with all our business gift ideas, it can be sent straight to the recipient.


trio of best selling darker roasted coffees and tin




Lastly, take a gooseys at our working from home coffee gift set. This last gift set includes coffee (obviously,) a notebook and pen, and a shiny new enamel mug.  What better way to get through the day than having a pad to doodle in and a mug that keeps coffee hotter for longer for those times when you are too busy and forget about it?


coffee bag with mug note book and pen



As mentioned, delivery is free. If you prefer, we can deliver your gifts and gift boxes to one central location for further personalisation, or we can deliver straight to the doors of those who are lucky enough to be on the receiving end.


close up of personlied two chimps coffee gift note


Looking for something in particular?

Our top five business gift ideas not floating your boat, or do you have something particular in mind? No problem. Get in touch with the team today and we can build your idea, together.

Not a coffee lover?

That’s okay. We offer the finest loose leaf teas, along with beautiful hot chocolate flakes too.


set of four teas and infsuers


Take a look at our gift sets for more ideas and inspiration.


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