Top Coffee with Free Delivery UK!

Free UK Delivery on every bag of coffee! Yup, every one!



Coffee Delivery That’s Absolutely Free

Times are tough right now. We totally get it. Everything is going up. Heck, Freddos now cost 30p. 30p. Still kinda delicious, though.

So, here’s some good news! A pocket of positivity! You can still enjoy top coffee if you’re cutting back!

Because we’re not going to stop with the money-saving perks at TC. Coffee’s essential (as are smiles 😉) so we’re making sure you can still brew the best joe in these tricky times. And that means… free UK delivery! Plus some other good stuff…





A Bit About Us

Hey! We’re Two Chimps Coffee, an independent, family-run roastery in the wee county of Rutland. We’re all about the best at TC. The best service, the best fun and – of course – the best coffee. Every coffee in our jolly range is high-scoring speciality arabica, hand-picked by people who care. We then roast by hand to bespoke roasting recipes (made by Chief Chimp, Andy). But we don’t just do that, ohhh no: frequent roasting is what really sets us apart. What really makes TC the best.

Because when you choose Two Chimps, you get artisan speciality coffee roasted fresh that week. Frequent, small-batch roasting ensures every bag is fresh and BOUNCING with coffee flavour. Pop the kettle on and take a sip, coffee lover – you won’t be able to contain your excitement!


Two Chimps mug on arabica coffee sack



So, Two Chimps, Why are Coffee Prices Rising?

Can someone tell these rising prices about gravity? About falling apples and stuff? Because things are supposed to come down…

Along with carrots and Can-can lessons, coffee prices are going up. We wish they weren’t, but they are. Can’t really sugar-coat it, I’m afraid. Things like fuel costs and rising energy prices are sending price tags skyward, and coffee is no exception. So let’s zoom in… just why are coffee prices rising?


Frost in Brazil

July 2021 saw a freak frost in Brazil’s major coffee-growing regions. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer, so diminished harvests have a big impact on coffee costs everywhere.


Freight Costs

Covid sent shipping all topsy turvy, and we’re still feeling the effects now. Although costs are steadying, freight prices are still high as ships deal with the pent-up Covid demand.


Rows of coffee growing greenhouses


War in Ukraine

We all know fuel prices are going up due to the war in Ukraine. Trade disruptions are, the experts say, gonna make prices higher than normal for three years. This impacts every stage of coffee production, from transportation to roasting.



Staff Shortages

Lack of staff across UK hospitality means that businesses must increase wages and, as such, make cuts elsewhere.


black coffee in orange mug sits on wooden table



But But But!


There are still reasons to smile! Here are just two:

  • Experts predict price rises will ease and inflation will get under control in 2023
  • Two Chimps Coffee is still delicious and still a bangin’ bargain! Especially when you compare it to a cup from Starbucks. Take a small Starbucks espresso, which has shot up by 22%. The price of a freshly roasted bag of Two Chimps has only increased by 11% – even less if you subscribe to our awesome Coffee Subscription service! It’s your bespoke coffee delivery…


Two Chimps coffee delivery sitting on a doormat





Free Delivery UK

Okay, here’s another bit of VERY GOOD NEWS. Treat yourself to Two Chimps coffee, and you get free delivery with no minimum spend!

Because we’ve all been there. You think you’ve got a deal and then – bam – you get to checkout and delivery charges are whacked on. Your purchase has gone from cut price to costly in seconds. Infuriating, right?

There’s none of this delivery charge kerfuffle at Two Chimps! Choose anything in our online shop (coffee, tea, hot choc, equipment…) and you get free delivery, guaranteed. There’s no minimum spend, and all our coffee gift sets and subscriptions are included. Oh, and did we mention that it’s free FIRST CLASS coffee delivery? Because second class anything is just not right.


three dark roast coffees with Two Chimps coffee tin




Free Home Delivery For All!

I can read your mind – you’re expecting a catch. But it really is as simple as free delivery UK. For everyone! We don’t add a minimum spend, so there’s none of this ‘spend £30…’ business. And we don’t just give you free home delivery to new customers. Because that’s just not nice. And, nope, there’s no membership or secret club you need to sign up for!

We did think about only making it free if you jump up and down while eating spaghetti, but thought that might get messy.

So it’s free UK delivery for all – no minimum spend!



Coffee Samples around a two chimps coffee tin




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