Travelling With Two Chimps Coffee

How does a holiday with your own campervan AND Two Chimps Coffee sound?

Well, our latest wholesale customer offers all of that; and lots of other awesome things.

Introducing… Bumble Campers! This awesome business with bases in Peterborough and Manchester allows you to do some adventuring! They have several campervans ranging from their ‘2 Seater. 2 Sleeper’ to their luxury ‘Bumble Biggie’. All their campervans are fully equipped for whatever you have planned.

Go On An Adventure

Their smallest rental; the ‘2 Seater, 2 Sleeper’ has two seats in the front which leaves the back as a seating area in the day, and then at night, this can be pulled out to make a double bed. Additionally, this campervan has plenty of storage and a 26-litre cool box for you to store whatever you would like.





If you’re looking for something slightly larger, their ‘Bumble Biggie’ might be what you’re after. Some of the excellent special touches the team at Bumble Campers have added include:

• Unlimited data wifi to ensure you’re always connected. This is really useful, if for whatever reason you get lost, you can get back on the right track.
• There is a built-in Amazon Alexa which will act as your onboard assistant during your time with the Bumble Biggie.
• A tablet meaning you don’t have to miss out on your favourite tv shows! Just log in to your preferred streaming service and get binging!
• All camping equipment is included free of charge. This includes chairs and a table as well as all cutlery, pots and pans too!



If you’ve tried Bumble Campers before and are completely obsessed, why not go for something a bit more long term? You can buy your very own campervan from Bumble Campers, meaning the adventure never has to stop! The flexibility and comfort that the rentals offer is awesome but just imagine how awesomer (yes that’s a word) your very own campervan would be!

Coffee Time

Now, no adventure is complete without coffee, of course! That’s why you will find a bag of Two Chimps Coffee waiting for you when you rent the ‘Bumble Biggie’. Currently, the team have chosen ‘Box Of Frogs’ which is our El Salvadorian all day coffee.

Box of Frogs comes from the San Jose estate in El Salvador. Owned by the third generation of the Moreno family, the San Jose estate is located in the Apaneca-Illamatepec region of El Salvador. With a full body and a white chocolate sweetness, this coffee is a great addition to your Bumble Campers adventure!

Also, the ‘Bumble Biggie’ has a stovetop built in and includes a Moka Pot which you can use to brew your coffee.


two chimps coffee in bumble biggie


When you visit the Bumble Campers office in Peterborough, you can also enjoy Two Chimps Coffee there! They have a filter machine allowing you to enjoy a coffee while you wait in the reception for your campervan.

Get booking now! But if you can’t wait for coffee, grab a bag of awesome, freshly roasted coffee sent straight from the roastery today!


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