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Introducing our new friends, Freshly Spiced. A team who are utterly passionate about using freshly ground spices to liven up your meals and drinks.

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The team

Based in Nottingham, Husband and wife Claire and Tom at Freshly Spiced are passionate about cooking. They don’t just provide freshly ground spice kits to help; they also share recipes, tips and tricks to aid you in cooking greatness.

The team toast, grind and blend all of their spices regularly to ensure that every packet is fresh when it arrives in your kitchen.

Coffee Spices

We now stock ‘Freshly Spiced’ Turkish Drinking Spice for you to add to your cup of Two Chimps Coffee. If you usually add sugar to your hot drinks, this could be the alternative.
The ingredients are Ginger, Cardamom, Salt, Clove, Black Pepper and Nutmeg. The sweetness from the ginger and cinnamon will add depth and extra sweetness to your, already awesome, coffee. The coffee spices are also vegan-friendly too – wahoo.

The team here are hooked! In Andy’s words, “It’s like a festive coffee all year round – Happy Days!”


Turkish Drinking Spice Sachet

Bye bye Sugar

The freshly ground Coffee Spices are available in 25g pouches, and all you need is a small pinch in your mug. If you ’d like it with a bit more va va voom, just add a bit more.

You can add a pouch of freshly ground coffee spice to any order on our website. All orders are sent with FREE 1st class delivery so you shouldn’t have to wait long for your treats to arrive. Get ready to pounce on the postman – raaahh!


Turkish Drinking Spice in Coffee


There we have it; coffee spice freshly ground to go with your freshly roasted coffee, it’s all fresh over here.

Move over Mr Sugar; you are SO last year.

Order yours now!

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