Two Chimps Coffee at The White Horse in Baston

Nestled between Marketing Deeping and Bourne, Baston is an awesome village with an awesome pub.

There’s more to it

Back in 2012, a social media campaign was ongoing to save the village pub. At the time, Baston was too close to losing its village pub and, despite the campaign, in October 2012, the pub closed its doors.

Along came a knight in shining armour, however. A local villager, Mark, bought the village pub and set to transform it throughout. This was no fairytale though, Mark and his team did just that! They have since transformed the interior and the exterior of the village pub using local supplies where possible. For instance,  sycamore timber from a local farm in Bourne has been used throughout. The pub is now known as The White Horse.


outside at the white horse baston


Their Ethos

The wish was to create a welcoming drinking den for Baston, alongside a local dining experience for all who visit. They have done just that; a friendly and welcoming setting with smiley staff, fantastic food and pretty awesome drinks – including awesome coffee – but we’ll get to that bit soon.

The White Horse offers a menu filled with pub classics made using local ingredients and made by hand where possible.  Al la carte dining, along with a bar menu is available from Tuesday to Sunday, with the addition of Sunday lunch too. As times vary from day to day, check their website or talk to the team before heading off.


plate of food at the white horse baston


Along with the bar, amazing food and great service, The White Horse host events such as live music nights, sports, Wine down Wednesdays, The Horse Happy Hours, Quiz nights and so much more.

You can even hire The White Horse for a private function, dining or meeting too – wahoo.

The Coffee

Now, we are super excited to announce that The White Horse at Baston are now serving Two Chimps Coffee! The White Horse team are, as of recently, full of coffee knowledge, trained and raring to go with their coffee machine. Currently, you will find a single-origin coffee from Honduras being served through their espresso machine.



This Honduran coffee is sweet, smooth and creamy with a subtle pear-like acidity; it’s awesome with or without milk. Now, we say it’s currently being served, as the coffee at The White Horse in Baston will change from time to time. Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we ethically source speciality coffee from small farms and single estates. This means that often the harvests are small, and when a coffee has been grown, harvested, processed, roasted and then drunk, it’s all gone. Never fear though, we always find another coffee very similar to replace it, just usually from a different origin.



Rest assured that you’ll always enjoy a freshly roasted, sweet and smooth coffee at the White Horse in Baston.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Along with this, there is always a chemical-free decaffeinated coffee available. This is also delivered fresh each week, but in a much smaller bag and ground ready to be used. The smaller bag means that the decaffeinated coffee is always fresh; little and often is our motto.

As many coffee outlets only have one grinder, pre-ground decaffeinated coffee is often the way forward. Pre-ground allows the staff at The White Horse to still use their main grinder for their caffeinated coffee, but at the same time, gives them the option to make you a decaffeinated Flat White, Latte, Cappucino or Americano – awesome hey?


espresso pouring from an espresso machine


What is even more awesome is that no chemicals are used to decaffeinate this coffee. It goes through a sparkling water treatment, which uses naturally occurring C02 to remove the caffeine from the beans. By leaving the chemicals alone and using a delicate, natural process, this decaffeinated coffee still tastes like… Coffee. A sweet, smooth and chocolatey-ness can be found in every cup. Intrigued to no more? Check out the different processes of decaffeinating coffee here.

Our coffee

Here at Two Chimps HQ, we LOVE coffee! We only roast speciality coffee; a higher grade of Arabica coffee. Speciality coffee has to get a score of 80 or higher to receive its speciality title. This means that when the coffee reaches us, we can roast it to bring out its natural flavours resulting in a smooth and sweet coffee every time.


coffee beans falling out of the cooling tray


Fresh is best, and with this in mind, we hand roast speciality coffee in small batches multiple times each week. This assures that the freshest coffee possible makes its way to The White Horse at Baston, and to other wholesale coffee customers.

Pssst… They have THE MOST amazing cakes too!

Passing by, but can’t stop? No worries. Grab a takeaway coffee instead.

Don’t just take our word for it though, go and have a look.

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