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For a village to have that warm, cosy feel, the following are ideal, I am sure you will agree:

A village shop, pub and of course a community hub! Let me introduce you to our latest troop members; Nettleham Community Hub!

Based in Nettleham near Lincoln, this community hub has a lot to offer. It’s so much more than just a space for people to use. You will find on most days there is something going on at Nettleham Community Hub. This could be one of their health and wellbeing classes, parents and children groups or a music group to name a few.


Nettleham Community Hub


They have great activities and meetings for the community too such as buddies dementia café, lip reading classes and councillors surgery. Updates on the various classes, groups and activities can be found on their facebook page, so check it out for more information.

Nettleham Community Hub – For all you book worms

The hub also has a library where anyone can come in and return, reserve and order new books. As well as this, there are hot desks which can be hired for a day or half a day. Looking to hold a meeting somewhere? The hub offers an office space which can be rented out for the day.


coffee in a cooling bin


With all these activities and groups to attend you’re going to need to sit down for coffee! Well, you can do it all under one roof as Nettleham Community Hub has its own café too! Is there anything this place doesn’t do?!

The hub’s café has a huge selection of yummy sandwiches, baguettes and paninis to choose from as well as cakes and sweet treats. If this wasn’t already good enough, the hub also serves Two Chimps Coffee – it just keeps getting better and better!

Coffee Time!

Currently, they serve our super creamy ‘Box of Frogs’ from El Salvador alongside our sparkling water decaf ‘Starry Eyed’ from Costa Rica, both available through their espresso machine. You can also find our hot chocolate here which we teamed up with B Is For Brownie to create.

You can either sit in the café and enjoy your coffee and food, or you can take it away with you which makes it a great stop for anyone on their lunch break.


Two Chimps leaflets at Nettleham Community Hub


The coffee that we deliver to Nettleham Community Hub is freshly roasted single origin speciality coffee. Single origin is a term given to coffee that can be traced back to a single country. Our coffee goes one step further, however. We can trace our coffee right back to the farm or estate where it was grown.

As mentioned above, all our coffees are speciality coffees. Speciality coffee is a much higher grade of Arabica than commodity grade coffee. For our coffees to receive their ‘speciality’ title, they are scored on a number of different areas including taste, aroma and mouthfeel, at the origin.



The coffee we hand roast must have received a quality score of 80 or above to gain the ‘speciality’ title. Without that score, they wouldn’t have the name or the quality and therefore, we wouldn’t roast it.

Want to try our coffee for yourself right now? Head over to the shop to get yourself a bag… or two!


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