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Say hello to our Two Chimps Paper Aeroplane! Now we know what you are thinking: Why are you creating paper aeroplanes? Don’t you just sell coffee? Well, you are correct; we do sell awesome coffee, but we wanted to create something fun this Easter. While the school holidays are welcomed with open arms (and lots of yummy Easter eggs), finding something fun to do as a family can be challenging. This is where our paper aeroplane comes into play. It all came from where most of our whacky ideas come from- the mind of Head Chimp Andy! Our micro chimp Felix is a paper aeroplane enthusiast, and Andy thought, why not put a Two Chimps twist on one? After multiple designs and test flights, it’s finally ready for lift-off!


Holding Paper Aeroplane


Let’s start with the obvious- this looks pretty flipping cool, right? (even though we do say so ourselves) But it doesn’t stop here; our plane doesn’t just look great, it has function over form. It flies perfectly! Created from a single sheet of A5 paper, its size and construction makes this plane fly seamlessly. You could hit a target with it- it’s that good! So, how do you get your hands on one? We will send a printed template for our awesome planes with every order this Easter. So, get your hands on one while you can!

When you get your aeroplane in the post, it will arrive as a double-sided A5 piece of paper. It looks a bit crazy, with mismatched patterns and dotted lines all over it, but this is to help you guys build it! In the top right section of the paper, we’ve popped in a QR code that will bring you to this very blog. Hello to those of you who have found this page by scanning that code!

Now, let’s walk through how to build this, shall we? Creating this paper aeroplane may take you back to your school days, with your instincts kicking in like a muscle memory. We know that you are probably already a pro, but to guarantee the Two Chimps pattern joins together correctly, we recommend you have a quick glance through these instructions.


Guide 1.


Guide 2.


Guide 3.




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