Weekly or Monthly Coffee Subscription: which should you choose?

Hi, lovely people! Fancy top-tasting coffee delivered to your door?


Sure thing! It’ll transform your life (it really will).


Speciality coffee subscriptions are for everyone. You don’t need to be an espresso expert or pro latteist. You don’t need to know your lungo coffee from your Rwandan light roast – you’ve just got to loooove a good brew!

Here at Two Chimps, you can create a personal coffee plan to match your needs. There are no strings attached and no pesky T&Cs; just a faff-free coffee subscription you can alter any time you like!

Delivery frequency is one Very Important personalization option. Need monthly coffee deliveries? Or prefer coffee once a week? Choose your best option in our easy subscription maker!


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What is a Coffee Subscription?

Monthly Coffee Subscription. It just oooozes cool, doesn’t it?

Set up a bespoke Two Chimps plan, and you’ll receive frequent deliveries of freshly roasted speciality coffee. No more empty coffee bags or bitter-tasting mugs of instant, just A-Star coffee delivered to your door!


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Proper coffee is best when fresh. Just like your bakery bread or super-ripe raspberry. That’s why we roast our lovely speciality beans multiple times a week. Opt for instant, and you’ll get bitter-tasting coffee that’s been sitting on a shelf for months. It’ll probably be overroasted, too – this is what big-name roasters like to do to hide the bad flavours in their robusta beans.

Set up a bespoke subscription and you’ll receive fresh arabica coffee brimming with flavour. You can tailor each part of your plan to make your subscription perfect, and look forward to £1 savings on every bag! Oh, and 10% discount on anything in the TC shop. Because we’re groovy like that. ?


Speciality coffee farmer holds ripening coffee cherries




Personalising your Coffee Plan

So, how do you get started with this customisation stuff?

Shimmy along to the TC coffee shop and choose your favourite coffee. Then choose your brew method and coffee amount, and hit SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE. Then give one mighty wahooooo, because you’ve just made your best-ever PC click! Congrats!

Now, you get the option to choose your delivery frequency. Pick from:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Or monthly coffee deliveries



All done? Brill. Head to the checkout, do the payment stuff (the boring bit, soz) and get ready for AWESOME coffee delivered to your door!




Weekly or Monthly Coffee: what’s the difference?

We know, we know… you can probably guess the difference between a monthly and weekly coffee subscription. But we thought we’d go over it. Just in case.

So, your ‘delivery frequency’ describes how often postie will pop by with your coffee. You can opt for weekly or monthly deliveries, or fortnightly if you need something in-between. Choose weekly coffee deliveries, and you’ll receive a fresh bag of coffee once every week. Create a monthly coffee subscription, and we’ll send coffee to your door once a month. Whichever option you choose, you’ll always receive speciality artisan coffee roasted fresh that week. That’s a PROMISE.


 Coffee beans in roasting drum at Two Chimps coffee roastery




Weekly or Monthly Coffee: why are they just so awesome?

Both options have their advantages. It’s all about how you roll…

Weekly Coffee Subscription: Best Bits!

  • You get little parcels of loveliness delivered each week
  • You’ll always be drinking the freshest coffee – coffee hand-roasted in Rutland just a few days before
  • Weekly deliveries are great if you get through a lot of coffee or like coffee making and breaking with your pals
Bag of decaf coffee

Monthly Coffee Subscription: Best Bits!

  • Ideal if you love proper coffee but don’t drink quite as much
  • Every bag of coffee will still be super fresh – don’t worry! Our artisan coffees are best drunk within 12 weeks of the roast, so you’ll be drinking coffee at its prime whether you choose the week or month coffee option!

Bag of fresh Two Chimps coffee



Weekly or Monthly: which should you choose?

The amount of joe you drink is the Really Important Factor when deciding which option to pick.

Think about how much coffee you enjoy each day. Say, for instance, that you and your partner brew an 8 cup cafetière around once a day. You’ll need 50g of coffee each time, which means you’ll be using 350g of lovely coffee (50×7) each week. And approximately… 28 bourbon biscuits?

If this sounds like you, then we’d recommend a fortnightly or weekly coffee subscription of 500g.

Don’t brew coffee every day? Maybe Sunday is your cafetière coffee day? Then a monthly coffee subscription of 250g has your name on it. Why? You’ll be using around 50g per week in your Sunday morning coffee, which works out at 200g a month. This makes 250g once a month ideal!

Not feeling mathsy today? No problem. Simply head over to our Coffee Wizard, and he’ll do all the numbers for you. Life saver.


Pouring fresh coffee from a cafetiere into a red coffee mug




What's the best amount for you? Check out this guide to find out!




More Bonuses of a Two Chimps Subscription

Yep, the good stuff keeps on coming! Check out some of the awesome benefits you get when you subscribe!

  • Fun, down-to-earth coffee with quirky names
  • Hand-roasted multiple times each week to guarantee the very freshest coffee
  • FREE First Class delivery
  • Surprise coffee freebies
  • We plant a tree for each new subscriber
  • 10% off everything (yep, you read that right!) in our online shop
  • Coffee from a climate-positive roastery
  • Fully recyclable packaging – you can even recycle the stickers!


Coffee farm in Honduras



Sounds good, right? Let’s make it happen! Head over to the shop and create your fresh coffee subscription today!


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