What Are The Benefits of Joining a Coffee Club?

Have you heard about our Two Chimps Coffee Club?

No? Don’t worry, we are going to show you some of the remarkable benefits of our coffee club right now, on this page! Ready? Let’s do this.


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Better Coffee

Let’s start at the top; better coffee. The coffee you will receive when you join our coffee club is known as speciality coffee.

This is a higher grade of Arabica coffee which produces more pleasant flavours compared to commodity graded coffee. Commodity graded coffee is often what you will find in your local supermarket.

Speciality coffees are carefully looked after throughout their life, right from growing, through harvesting, and processing to when we receive them for roasting.

The coffee farmers work incredibly hard to produce amazing coffees for you. If you have ever tried our coffee for yourself, you will know they do this very well. For instance, when the coffee cherries are ready for harvest, workers will handpick them to ensure only the ripest of fruits are chosen. Once picked, the cherries will be sent to be processed and dried.


picking coffee cherries


There are various processing methods used which vary from farm to farm. The processing method used will have a huge effect on the overall taste of the coffee. Check out our blog post to learn more about the different ways of processing and drying coffee.

Two Chimps HQ

Once sourced, we hand roast our coffees in small batches at our roastery in Ashwell, Rutland. Roasting by hand allows us to control the roast and make changes quickly if we need to.


roaster being manually operated


The roasting process allows us to show off all the flavours within the coffee that are just waiting to burst out! Depending on what we as coffee roasters are looking to showcase, along with what natural flavours reside within the coffee, some of our coffees may be roasted lighter whereas others may be roasted darker.

Roasting coffees lighter will bring out more fruity and sweeter notes. Whereas roasting slightly darker will bring out more chocolatey or nutty flavours. Although we do roast some coffees slightly darker, we never over roast so they become burnt or bitter.

Fresh Coffee

Fresh coffee really is the best. This is when the flavours and aromas are at their most tasty. Even though we source speciality coffees which have amazing flavours, if the coffee itself isn’t fresh, those flavours will go to waste by becoming stale.

Never fear however. We roast in small batches to ensure our coffees are as fresh as possible when they reach you.


green coffee roasting on a diedrich roaster


Never Run Out!

There’s nothing worse than waking up on a Monday morning, craving a coffee to get you ready for the day and finding out that you have run out. Even if you have time to pop down to the supermarket, you will most likely have to settle for instant coffee, or something inferior that smells (and tastes) like the Jorvik centre. Just the thought of that makes me shudder!

With our coffee club, you will never need to worry about running out of coffee again! Only you know how quickly you get through coffee and this is why we give you the option to choose the weight and frequency of your coffee club deliveries. However, if you find that you are running out of coffee or don’t have enough, give us a call and we can help. Alternatively,  log in to your account and adjust your subscription to suit.


coffee being ground into a portafilter


Opportunity to Try New Coffees

By joining our coffee club, you will receive a different coffee each time your subscription is due. This is great for lots of reasons! Firstly, think of all the awesome coffees you will get to try.

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we only source and roast single-origin coffees. We can trace each one right back to the farm they were grown. By doing so, we know all about the farm and its workers. In turn, we share all this information with you. So, not only do you get to try different coffees, but you also get to find out about a little more about the origin and story of the farm. Winner!


El Cipres Farm Family


Our coffees change from time to time. As we source from small farms and estates, once the coffee cherries have been picked, harvested, roasted and drunk, that particular coffee is gone for good. Liked the original one? No problem. We always source something which is similar, just never exactly the same.


As standard, everything from our website is sent with free 1st class tracked delivery on orders over £25 .  If ordered before 12 noon, it will leave us the very same day and should arrive with you the following day. Who wants to wait around for their coffee?

For an extra cost, you can upgrade to Special Delivery for your first coffee club order. If you place an order before noon, Royal Mail will guarantee you receive your order by 1 pm on the next working day.

All following coffee club orders will be sent with First Class Delivery.


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You Are In Control

By joining our coffee club, you are in charge. You choose the grind size, weight and frequency of the subscription, but the coffee choice is left to us. If there is a particular coffee you don’t want as part of a subscription, just let us know, and we will keep it out.

Going on holiday and worried about missing your coffee? Log into your account, and you can easily pause your subscription until you are back. We will hold fire from roasting and packing your order until it restarts. This means you will still receive the freshest coffee. If you are going away to somewhere in the UK, have your coffee sent to you! Again, log into your account and change your shipping address to wherever it is you are staying.

If for whatever reason you don’t want to be a part of our coffee club any more, just log into your account and stop the service. We will cancel it there and then and you won’t receive any more coffee from us.



And there we have it, these are just some of the benefits of joining a coffee club. All sounds good? Join our coffee club today!

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