What are the benefits of serving fresh coffee?

Why should I serve fresh coffee?

We know that like most fresh produce, the fresher it is, the better it is and that goes for coffee too. We’ve done extensive testing (well, we drank loads of coffee!) and can honestly say that coffee is at its freshest between three and fourteen days after roasting.

After that, it starts to deteriorate slowly. We conclude that coffee is at it’s absolute best within four weeks of being roasted. If for some reason it’s gobbled up in that time, then it’s still good for eight weeks after that.


sack of green specialty coffee beans


Once the coffee has been roasted, it starts to deteriorate, much like in the same way as cooking food. Fresh produce can potentially stay lovely and fresh for days or weeks in the right environment. When cooked, bacteria will get to the food and starts to break it down.

When coffee is exposed to oxygen – it oxidises the beans causing the flavours to disappear and the coffee to become stale. This happens even quicker if the coffee has been ground. This is because by grinding a bean, we expose more surface area to oxygen, and thus, deteriorating the coffee quicker.

Our top tip to serving the freshest coffee is to buy whole beans and grind the coffee fresh each time.

To help, get yourselves an on-demand espresso grinder to sit with your espresso machine: the freshest coffee, each time.

No grinder? No problem. If you do buy ground coffee from us, we only grind it on the same day it leaves the roastery.


ground coffee in different grinds


Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we know that ‘Fresh is Best,’ and we do everything we can to assure you of the freshest, tastiest coffee. We start by sourcing speciality coffee from small cooperatives and farms across the globe.

Next, we hand roast in small batches multiple times each week. Ensuring that our coffee is as fresh as it can be. Speciality coffee is the highest grade of Arabica coffee, and it’s the only coffee that we source. Commodity graded coffee grown in abundance is cheap, but we’re not interested in that. We want the best coffee, grown by farmers who give it the best care possible, which in turn produces amazing coffee.


inside a coffee poly tunnel pouring coffee onto raised beds

How do we keep the coffee fresh?

We import fresh green coffee beans through using a ‘direct as possible’ trade, using an importer. Sourcing enough of a particular coffee to last us for a season and much less for our limited-edition coffees. We store the green beans at our roastery in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. We then monitor before each roast to keep the coffee fresh.

When roasted, our coffee stocks diminish quickly, and then we roast more. This way, we do not have an abundance of roasted coffee slowly going stale just waiting for a buyer.

We roast all of our coffee by hand in small batches. We never over roast coffee because we don’t have to. Commodity grade coffee is often full of impurities so, to combat this, it’s roasted to a point where these impurities are hidden. The downside of roasting to cover up impurities is that the coffee can taste very bitter and burnt.

On the other hand, because our coffee is very high grade, we don’t need to roast it to cover anything; we don’t want to hide the delicate flavours that the speciality coffee exhibits.


coffee being sampled from a roaster



We are proud of the freshness of all of our coffees. We always display the roast date along with who roasted the coffee on each bag; so you have full disclosure of the freshness of our coffee.

What’s in it for me?

Not only do we roast our beans to guarantee the freshest coffee for you, we also hand deliver where possible to you every week, the same week it was roasted; now that’s fresh!

We prefer to hand deliver your freshly roasted coffee where possible too. This allows us to see how you are and if there is anything we can do to help at the same time. If for any reason we can’t get to you, we’ll pop the beans in the post by First Class mail or courier, for free so you’ll still get your coffee in time.


two chimps 1 kilogram bag lying on a coffee table


So, you’re getting freshly roasted coffee, delivered for free, whenever you need it.

Not only that, but you get the support of the whole team here at Two Chimps HQ, 24/7 if you need. To start, we’ll set up your coffee machine and grinder for you. This bit is really important to get right, because believe it or not, it can make even the best coffee taste bad!

When it comes to grinding coffee for espresso, the exact grind size can make a huge difference to the taste of the coffee. Each coffee will need a different grind setting, dependent on the altitude grown, the roast style and the brittleness of the bean. If the grind size is too fine, the water cannot pass through in the allotted time, giving a very bitter taste in the cup and an over-extracted espresso.

On the other hand, if the grind is too coarse, the water can flow too freely, ending in an under-extracted cup tasting sour. Once the machine and grinder are set correctly, you won’t have to do this again. We’ll show you and your team how to make slight adjustments if necessary, but apart from that, you’ll have awesome tasting coffee every time.


portafilter with coffee


Fresher coffee not only tastes better, but it looks better in the cup too; another benefit of serving fresh coffee.


looking down onto latte art on a cup of two chimps coffee


We’ll always recommend that you use an on-demand coffee grinder because as mentioned, coffee keeps better in whole bean form. This means that you can grind your beans as and when you need to make a coffee, giving you the freshest coffee each time.


coffee being ground into a portafilter


It’s peace of mind to know that your customers are getting a really fresh cup of coffee. We know that coffee is best when it’s fresh, so they’re bound to love your coffee! And, it won’t be long until they come back with their friends.

Now, that is the biggest benefit of serving fresh coffee of all!

Love the benefits of serving the freshest coffee? Superb. Get in touch with the team today to chat some more.


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