What Are Two Chimps Coffee Doing In Light Of The Coronavirus Outbreak?

Hey guys.

In short, we are roasting and posting daily; making sure that freshly roasted coffee is on its way to you all during this testing time.


delivery envelope on the door mat


We have put measures in place to safeguard our team, the services we provide, our clients and the wider community.

The office team are now working from home and continue to offer great customer service via email, or phonecall diverted from the landline (01572 774389) to a mobile.  If you need us for anything, please don’t hesitate to call.

On site

The roasting team are here, roasting as usual but with a few tweaks as I am sure you would expect. For instance, to avoid as much contact as possible, they are working in the early hours of the morning and making sure that they have minimum contact with each other.

As of Monday 23rd March, we have increased this to ensure that only one person is in the roastery at any one time; to comply with the social distancing instructions given by the government.


roasting coffee


Cleaning schedules have been increased and we are no longer allowing any visitors onsite, be it couriers or members of the public. All deliveries have been instructed to be left in a safe place outside the roastery. The reception area and door handles are disinfected after each visit from the member of staff on site.


inside the reception area at two chimps coffee


With the current situation, Royal Mail are taking a little longer to deliver items, even with their 24-hour service. Around a fifth of its workers; roughly 26,000 people, are currently off work self-isolating or looking after relatives who are. With this in mind, Royal Mail are taking on average 3 working days to deliver 1st class post, and in some areas, the timeframe is much longer.

For more information, please read Royal Mail’s recently released Change of Service Statement regarding the current situation.

Below we have answered a few frequently asked questions:

Q. Will my coffee subscription still leave the roastery on time?

A. Yes. Your freshly roasted coffee will leave us as normal, using 1st class postage. We are posting every day.

Q. I am working from home and need more coffee, what can I do?

A. Don’t panic. Either call the team, send us an email, or log in to your account where you can bring a delivery forward, add an extra bag, change the quantity and coffee, along with updating the delivery address to home, rather than work.

Q. Are you running out of coffee?

A. We are not running out of coffee. We have green coffee stored onsite, along with physical stock located within our importers UK warehouse.

Q. Do I need to bulk buy?

A. No. Fresh is best, and the same goes for coffee. If you are drinking more, then yep, please feel free to order more. However, if you are going to keep it for a rainy day, order it just before the rain comes.


a yellow mug on a coffee table


Q. I had a course booked at Two Chimps HQ. Is it still going ahead?

A. Not for the time being. We feel it safer for the wellbeing of yourselves and our staff to reschedule these events when it is safe to do so. If your event is cancelled, we will email you to inform you. If you are unsure, please get in touch with the team.

Q. Are you still delivering locally?

A. Yes, we are. Most orders fit through a letterbox. Those that don’t are left in a safe place.

It just leaves us to say that we wish you, your families and friends good health. Please, stay safe, and look after those in need.


cup of coffee on the table


As always, we are here to help where we can. Even if you just fancy a chat.

Andy, Laura, Felix and the team at Two Chimps HQ. xXx

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