What Grind Size Do I Use For Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is definitely one for the summer.

As an early tip, pop a few ice cubes into your cold brew, and you’ll be in coffee heaven.

However, brewing your cold brew using the correct grind size can make or break the taste of your cup.

So lucky for you if you’re wondering ‘what grind size do I use for cold brew‘ because the chimps team have experimented with different grind sizes for cold brew to find the one that will suit the Mizudashi Coffee Pot perfectly.



Let’s do this

As mentioned, the grind size for cold brew will make a massive difference to the taste. Let’s find that sweet spot and answer the question ‘what grind size do I use for cold brew?

First up, finely ground coffee.


Reviewing Cold Brew Coffee Grind Size


Using coffee ground for an espresso will lead initially to flavours masked by bitterness. If the grind is too fine, it will lead to an over-extraction of the coffee, leading to a bitter taste.

Coarsely ground coffee



Using coffee that has been ground too coarsely, for instance, for a filter brewing device, will lead to an under extraction of your coffee. This will more often than not lead to a sour taste in the cup.

So, what grind size do I use for cold brew?



For a cold brew device like the Hario cold brew coffee pot, we recommend a grind size similar to that used for an Aeropress. If you are grinding your coffee fresh at home, it wants to have the consistency of table salt.

How will it taste?

Using the correct grind size is only half of the battle. The next thing to give thought to is the brewing time.

If you leave your cold brew coffee to brew for longer, it makes sense that the flavours will intensify. Alternatively, if you allow it to brew for less time, the flavours will not be as intense.

As a starter, we would recommend leaving the cold brew to sit in the fridge for 24 hours. If it is too strong, try leaving it for a little less time next time. Experiment until you get the taste you prefer.



The cold brew coffee method will usually lead to a coffee with less bitter flavours. This leaves room for a naturally sweet cup to be enjoyed. Try it without milk and sugar first; I think you will be surprised.

What coffee shall I use?

For a cold brew, use any coffee you like; here at Two Chimps HQ, we preferred a light to medium roast. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the coffees we roast for a Filter or Cafetiere.


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Like the sound of cold brew but not too sure where to start?

Check out our handy How To Use A Mizudashi Coffee Pot brew guide and get yourself a device today!


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