What is a carbon negative coffee roastery?

Have you ever heard of a climate positive coffee roastery?

Hello, we’re Two Chimps Coffee Roasters! Now you have!


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At the beginning of 2021, we became climate positive, which meant we took steps to offset our carbon footprint. Not only did we offset it, we became carbon negative, meaning we offset more carbon than we produce!

Don’t worry though, we’re still roasting and making awesome coffee; we’re just doing it in a greener way. Although we can’t change the way we roast just yet, we can offset the energy we use to roast.


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We’ve always been enthusiastic about making sure that the way we work is as green as possible. We use recyclable materials for our packaging when possible, and we save energy by switching off lights and reuse as much as we can. Read on to find out what we do here at Two Chimps Coffee to become carbon neutral.


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The little things

Turning off lights and recycling is something we do, and anyone can do too. We are always trying to think of ways to go that extra mile and include it in our everyday working lives.

For instance, we reuse any cardboard boxes that come in to send out large wholesale coffee orders, we try and fix anything before replacing it, we save the coffee grinds for our espresso machines to use on our plants to keep the slugs away, and we give our wholesale customers our coffee sacks to be used as decorations in their cafes and restaurants. Sure, these are not the biggest of changes, but the small things all add up!


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The only bi-product from roasting coffee is known as chaff. As the coffee beans are roasted, a thin, natural protective layer from the bean is removed. This is coffee chaff. It is blown out of the roasting chamber before being collected in the bottom of the roaster. Once we’ve finished roasting for the day, this chaff is collected and bagged up in the original GrainPro bags that the green coffee beans arrived in. We never throw this away, however, oh no, we give it away to friends who in turn use it as bedding for their chickens!

Our green coffee arrives in hessian sacks, lined with a plastic bag that sadly cannot be recycled. Instead of sending these to landfill, we give them away to friends who use them as furniture storage covers to protect their chairs from getting dirty. We also have hessian sacks available to anyone, too; great to use to upcycle old furniture or get crafty.


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Wholesale Carbon Neutral Coffee

Alongside our range of new espresso machines, we offer refurbished espresso machines to any of our wholesale coffee customers who want to rent one for their new business. This is ideal as it means older equipment that still works perfectly is reused rather than replaced with a new machine. It doesn’t matter whether the machine is older or newer, the espresso that comes out will still taste amazing! Mainly because we will train you how to make it! ?


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After we’ve made all these little changes, it was time for us to make a big one! We’ve teamed up with Ecologi, a fantastic company dedicated to helping the climate crisis. Ecologi plants trees around the world by employing local communities in that area to help with reforestation, which in turn helps their community thrive.

By contributing monthly to their projects, we have become climate positive! This means not only have we offset the carbon we need to use to run our business, but we’ve also offset the carbon used by all of our staff in their personal lives! Isn’t that great?! If that wasn’t enough, we have doubled what it would take to become carbon which means we are offsetting more carbon than we produce! We are extremely proud to call ourselves a climate positive coffee roastery.


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The Trees

Planting trees is important to help tackle the world’s climate crisis. 90% of Madagascar’s forests have been destroyed because of deforestation, making it impossible for some wildlife to survive. Projects like Eden, a reforestation organisation, use the money donated to plant trees and slowly grow back those destroyed forests.

We are currently supporting this project, and the trees being planted here are known as Mangrove trees. A mangrove tree can absorb carbon x4 times faster than that of a tropical forest! This makes them a top choice for reducing carbon emissions. They’re also super hardy, so around 90% of all mangroves planted will survive. And not only that, they produce baby mangroves, and so contributing to the regeneration all by themselves!


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Madagascar is only a tiny % of the world’s deforestation and so we must try and spread the word far and wide about the importance of helping the climate crisis. You might think that turning a light off isn’t going to help the rising sea levels, and it won’t! But if everybody in the world did it, then it would make a huge difference. It’s all about working together as a planet to save our planet. We can do it too.

During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, the world went into lockdown. During this time, there was scientific evidence showing that emissions were reduced due to the reduction in the use of factories & transport.

Join the troop and we plant trees

We can’t and don’t want the world in lockdown forever, so the next best step is to offset the carbon we all use. This is why for every wholesale coffee customer who becomes part of the Two Chimps Troop, we’ll plant 100 trees on your behalf. Aren’t we lovely?! We’ve not forgotten about you either, you lovely retail customers. Sign up to our fortnightly newsletter, or place an order for the first time, and we’ll plant a tree on your behalf too.



What could you do too

Maybe you could make a difference by making a few small changes such as walking to work instead of driving or trying to buy 2nd hand also?

We’re passionate about being climate positive, and we believe that the more people who work towards offsetting their carbon footprint, will work towards climate change and saving the world. By buying a bag of Two Chimps Coffee, not only are you supporting a local independent business, you’re helping to create a better world for generations to come.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a wholesale coffee customer, get in touch today.


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