What Is A Coffee Subscription

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we offer a coffee subscription service alongside our one-off bags and coffee tasters.

Our coffee subscription allows you to receive your freshly roasted coffee on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. But what is a coffee subscription? Well, keep reading to find out!

What’s It All About?

A subscription is a type of agreement between a company and a customer. The customer will pay a certain amount to the company usually at given intervals, which will allow the customer to access the products or services provided by the company.

Some subscriptions (like ours) allow you to choose how often you pay for the product or service provided. Like ours, some also allow you to pause and restart your subscription at any given time. You are in control.


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Where It All Started

The idea of subscriptions began way back in the 17th Century. Book publishers would offer local townspeople copies of their various books for a specific price each month. As time went on, more tradespeople created subscriptions of their own. For instance, people began having their milk delivered every morning and would then be charged at the end of each week.

As time went on, more and more companies started introducing a subscription service even if they didn’t realise that was what it was called. Fast forward to today, and you can get a subscription for pretty much anything from music and films to food and drink.

Our Coffee Subscriptions

As mentioned above, we offer a subscription service for our coffees. Choose to receive your coffee on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. All six of our coffees are available as part of a subscription, and these are available in a number of grind sizes to match your brewing device perfectly.

Alternatively, you can choose to have a mystery subscription. Having a mystery subscription allows you to receive a different coffee each time your subscription is due.


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Our coffee subscriptions are all hand-roasted in small batches. This helps to assure that you are drinking the freshest coffee possible. To stop you from running out of coffee, different sized bags are available for delivery too.

Benefits of Our Coffee Subscriptions

If you’re thinking of starting a coffee subscription with Two Chimps, here are some of the benefits of doing so.

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Starting, Stopping and Pausing

Starting a subscription with Two Chimps is super easy! Simply choose your coffee, the size of the bag and how frequently you would like to receive your coffee. Leave the rest to us and with free 1st class delivery, you should receive your coffee the next day.

Booked a holiday and worried that your coffee will arrive when you’re not there? With your very own account management, you can pause your subscription and start it again when you get back.

If, for whatever reason you don’t want to continue with your coffee subscription, just let us know or cancel through your online account, and it will stop immediately. You aren’t tied into any contract when you start a subscription with us, so ending your subscription if you need to is hassle-free.



As standard, all coffee orders; coffee subscriptions or otherwise, are sent with free First Class Delivery. This means that your coffee order should be with you the day after you ordered (Monday to Saturday).

For an extra cost, we also offer Guaranteed Next Working Day Delivery. This means that if you order before noon, Royal Mail guarantees your order will be delivered before 1 pm on the next working day. Great if you have forgotten that your Great Aunt Susan is coming to stay!

Coffee orders up to 250g are sent in a large letter sized envelope which will often fit through your letterbox. However, for larger orders, we use Royal Mail’s small parcel service. As you can imagine, this isn’t going to fit through your letterbox.

If you’re worried about missing the delivery, let us know a safe place to leave your order, and we will make sure the postman knows too. Alternatively, pick your work address as the delivery address instead.


Fresh Coffee

Having a coffee subscription with us allows you to stay topped up with fresh coffee which, in turn, ensures you are always drinking the freshest coffee possible. A subscription also means you don’t have to worry about continually ordering your coffee as this is taken care of for you. On the back of every coffee bag delivered, you will find the date the coffee was roasted, who it was roasted by and the grind size so you can rotate your stocks at home.

New Coffees

Over the year, our coffee selection will change. This is a result of the harvest time at the small farms and cooperatives we source our coffee from. When a coffee has been picked, processed, graded, roasted and then drunk, it’s gone for good.

However, when a coffee is coming to its end, we will have another delicious coffee to replace it with. When we are looking at replacing a coffee, we always replace with a very similar tasting coffee. We won’t ever get two coffees that are the same, but we always try our best to match the flavours. For example, if we were to replace a coffee which had an apple-like acidity, we would source a coffee which had similar apple-like fruity notes.


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Although this means the coffee you have chosen for your coffee subscription will change from time to time, we see this as an opportunity for you to try many new coffees, similar to the one you chose first off. When we change a coffee, this won’t affect your subscription as we base your coffee subscription on a chosen brewing device rather than the coffee itself.

And there we have it — coffee subscriptions in a nutshell. I am sure you now have a better understanding of our coffee subscriptions, but if we have missed anything, please get in touch with the team today.


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I don’t know about you, but all this talk about coffee is making me thirsty!

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