What Is A Gift Subscription?

Our coffee gift subscriptions are very similar to our regular coffee subscriptions.

A coffee gift subscription, however, is ideal for a loved one, work colleague or anyone who loves coffee! Keep reading as we answer ‘what is a gift subscription?’ and explain how one works.

The Coffee in our Gift Subscriptions

Here at Two Chimps, we source and roast speciality coffees. Speciality coffee is a much higher grade of coffee compared to commodity grade, which is what you’ll often find in the supermarkets. Our coffees are ethically sourced from small farms and estates from around the world. Some come from Brazil and Colombia, and others come from Rwanda and Ethiopia, to name a few. Our coffees also change from time to time, but we will get onto that later.


el cipres, costa rica



Because our coffees are ‘proper coffee’, they will require a brewing device to make. Unlike instant coffee which dissolves when it comes into contact with hot water, proper coffee is made by extracting coffee goodness when freshly brewed.


Looking for a gift subscription for a cafetiere coffee-loving friend, for instance? No problemo! We can freshly grind the coffee to suit the brewing device chosen for the gift subscription. We can also leave the coffee as wholebean if preferred. When it comes to grinding the coffee, we do this just before the coffee leaves us on its way. This way, your gift recipient receives the freshest coffee possible.


coarse coffee grounds


We currently have eight coffees for you to choose as part of a gift subscription. Three of these coffees are slightly lighter and have more fruity and sweet notes. We have another three coffees that are slightly darker and have more chocolatey notes. We also have a chemical-free decaffeinated coffee and lastly, a mystery subscription.

A mystery subscription is just that; a different coffee each time. Awesome for those adventurous sorts!


bag and tin of two chimps coffee on a coffee table

Ever-changing Coffees and Subscriptions

In addition to having a limited edition coffee which changes every 3-4 months, our regular coffees also change from time to time. When a coffee has been grown, picked, processed, roasted and drunk, it is gone for good. Even though the farmer will harvest next year, the coffee could be completely different due to the climate, or terroir differing to that of this year’s harvest. For instance, the rainy season could last for longer, resulting in a change in yield and/or quality of the coffee produced.

Typically we will keep a coffee for around 8-12 months. When a coffee is starting to run out, we have another coffee waiting to takes its place. This new coffee won’t be identical to the one is replacing; however, it will be similar in as many ways as possible. For example, we would replace a coffee that has an apple-like acidity with one that has a similar acidity, but maybe with the bonus of a hazelnut aftertaste.


close up of brown hessian coffee sacks


If the recipient of the gift subscription doesn’t enjoy the new coffee, don’t panic! Just ask them to let us know and we will quickly sort a replacement.

Keeping It Fresh

We hand roast speciality coffee multiple times every week in small batches. Roasting in smaller batches assures you are drinking the freshest coffee possible. Fresh coffee definitely tastes best. Want to see the difference? Grab yourself a coffee sample today to see what you have been missing out on!


Coffee being poured from a roaster drum


Want your coffee gift subscription to start on a specific date? No worries. Just let us know and we will send it when requested. This way, we will roast and send a bag of freshly roasted coffee for your recipient to enjoy in time for their birthday, Christmas day or any special occasion you can think of.

As mentioned above, the very last thing we do before sending your order is to grind it to suit. By grinding right before we post your coffee order, we can be confident in the knowledge that it is the freshest it can be.


a brown envelope on a door mat


On every bag of coffee that leaves us, you will find a sticker stating the date the coffee was roasted, who roasted it and the grind size — a nice reminder of how fresh our coffee is.

Our Coffee Gift Subscriptions

When starting a coffee gift subscription, firstly choose from two to twelve deliveries. Like our normal coffee subscriptions, these can be delivered on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Next, choose the grind size required. For instance, we can freshly grind coffee ready to use in an Aeropress, Cafetiere or Chemex, to name a few. Lastly, choose the size of the bag required and, of course, the coffee!

The first delivery includes a Two Chimps Coffee Tin and magnet, a welcome letter and of course… FRESH COFFEE!


pouring water over coffee in a v60


The largest difference between a regular and a gift subscription is the payment. For a regular subscription, you are in full control as to when to start, pause and stop your subscription if needed. With a gift subscription, you just pay the once and the subscription will end once the last bag has been sent.

With a one-time payment starting from £15.90, there is a gift subscription for everyone.


We use 1st Class Royal Mail for all deliveries. At the checkout, choose FREE First Class Delivery, or, if you would like your first gift subscription guaranteed to arrive the next day, choose ‘Royal Mail Guaranteed by 1 pm’ at an additional cost. This only applies to your first subscription order, and all other deliveries will be sent First Class. If the recipient of the gift subscription is local to the roastery, we will often hand-deliver it to their home, reducing our carbon footprint where possible.


espresso pouring from an espresso machine

The Gift Subscription That Keeps On Giving

Unlike most gifts, a coffee gift subscription is received (and enjoyed) multiple times. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Ready to dive in? Maybe, after hearing our answer to ‘what is a gift subscription’, you fancy the excitement of a coffee subscription for yourself? Super! Or have you got someone in mind who would love one? Either way, let’s get your freshly roasted coffee subscription started today!

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