What Is A Wholesale Coffee Supplier?

As well as supplying our coffee as part of coffee subscriptions online, we also supply freshly roasted coffee to a number of small businesses throughout the UK.

But what is a wholesale coffee supplier? What do they do? Well, keep reading to find out.

Our Coffees

A pretty big part of being a wholesale coffee supplier is, of course, supplying the coffee! The coffee that we source and supply is known as speciality coffee. Speciality coffee is a much higher grade of Arabica coffee compared to coffee some other wholesale coffee suppliers will stock.


close up of coffee sacks


Our coffees come from small farms and estates from around the world. The workers who run these farms work incredibly hard every day to ensure their crop is the best it can be. Their hard work means they produce amazing coffees which we then get to enjoy and share with our customers.

Before we receive any coffee, it is given a quality score. This score is based on a number of factors such as taste, aroma and mouthfeel, to name a few. For a coffee to be given the speciality title, it must receive a score higher than 80 out of 100 points. Coffees that are given a score lower than 80 are ‘commodity grade’ coffees, which is what you will typically find in supermarkets. Coffee cupping is used to determine a coffee’s quality score.


cupping spoon cupping coffee

Supplying Coffee

At the start of the week, we contact our wholesale customers for their coffee order. Once we have received the order, we can then begin roasting.

Our ethos is ‘fresh is best’, so we will only roast what has been ordered. Doing this means we only supply the freshest coffee, which in turn, means only the freshest coffee is being served by the coffee shops and businesses we supply.

After roasting, the coffee is prepared for delivery. By keeping the time between the order and dispatch as short as possible, we can ensure that the coffee will be as fresh as possible when it arrives. For our local wholesale customers, we hand deliver the order of freshly roasted coffee too.


coffee in roaster sampling trowel


When out delivering, the Two Chimps Team will double-check every espresso machine to make sure that everything is working how it should. It is always handy to have a second pair of eyes on something. If something needs adjusting, we can fix this there and then.

If you are located a little further afield, don’t worry. We still come to visit, to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible, however; we will visit a little less frequently. In the meantime, freshly roasted coffee orders are sent using a next day courier, currently UPS or Royal Mail.


We offer free coffee training to all wholesale customers. Training helps to assure that every drink that each member of staff makes will be identical as they will all know how to do make drinks correctly and consistently. Not only is our training free, but it is also unlimited. This means that when new staff are recruited, we come to train them too. Also, if a refresher is needed, we can give extra training to whoever needs.

tamping coffee ground into a portafilter

Online Support

We also offer support through our website and social media. We write blogs about our wholesale coffee customers, heading into detail about what they do and the coffee we supply to them. This is a great way to introduce Two Chimps Coffee lovers to a business they may have never heard of before, hopefully leading to a visit. As mentioned previously, we also support through social media. This is also a great way of shouting about the coffee. We continue this support forever too – not just for new clients.

Often, when we like and share posts, it is reciprocated. This allows us to introduce our customers to them, and, in turn, the business is introducing their customers to us, allowing them to understand more about the great coffee and where it comes from. It is a win-win.


a shot of espresso pouring into a mug

Added Extra’s of Being a Wholesale Coffee Supplier

Being a wholesale coffee supplier isn’t just about supplying coffee. Oh no. We also offer fantastic, loose leaf tea from a local tea company, delicious hot chocolate, barista equipment, cleaning supplies and takeaway cups to name a few.

Offering the above gives the busy business owner fewer things to worry about and also leaves them safe in the knowledge that not only are they serving the best, freshest coffee, but they have amazing teas and hot chocolate too.


portafilter being put onto the machine

Wholesale Newsletter

As well as our fortnightly newsletter for customers, we also have a quarterly newsletter, designated solely to our wholesale customers. When we start stocking a new coffee, for instance, have new cleaning or barista equipment or anything else that may be of interest, it goes in our newsletter keeping everyone up to date with the latest happenings at Two Chimps HQ.

Point of Sale Equipment

All point of sale material is free also. For example, we have branded A-boards with space to write, along with small posters which give background information about the farms that grew the coffee. We also have window stickers and stand up strut cards, along with larger posters and information cards.


two chimps coffee window sticker


For us, being a wholesale coffee supplier is so much more than just supplying awesome coffee. It’s making sure customers are comfortable with their machine by offering training, making sure they have all the correct equipment, being on call 24/7 for anything they need and so much more!

Does the above sound like your cup of tea? Are you the owner of a small business that’s looking for a wholesale coffee supplier? Want to stand out from your competitors?

Get in touch today and join the Two Chimps Troop!


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