What is so special about a limited edition coffee?

When you see something that is titled “Limited Edition”, it immediately makes you think that you must buy this, now, now, now!

Otherwise, it’ll be gone! Well, that is partly true. Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we do offer limited edition coffees all year round; however, they do change every three to four months or so and when there gone, there gone!



We only source the highest quality arabica beans to roast; known as speciality coffee. This is because we only want to use the highest grade of coffee possible to give our customers the best-tasting coffee ever! The highest quality beans paired with hand roasted loveliness, quite simply, makes the best and freshest cup of coffee.

What makes it speciality?

Speciality coffee has been lovingly grown and hand-processed through every step before it gets to us, and so, we want to continue that care. This is why we always roast coffee in small batches, by hand, multiple times each week. This way, we can ensure that every order you receive is as fresh as possible.


Coffee cherries


As well as our six single-origin speciality coffee collection, we offer at least two limited edition coffees at any one time too. We only source single origin coffee beans for all of our coffees; meaning the whole batch is from one farm or small cooperative in one country. We even have details of the farm, the farmer, the workers and their family.


coffee in a cooling bin



A single origin coffee would normally last around 9-12 months with us. We keep our green beans stored at the correct temperature and humidity and only roast the beans when needed. The freshest coffee is between three to fourteen days after roasting; therefore, we never store an abundance of roasted beans as we don’t want anyone drinking stale coffee.

How are limited editions different?

A limited edition coffee lasts for much less time, however. Often, our limited-edition coffees are what’s known as micro-lots. This is a coffee that comes from a plot smaller than a typical speciality coffee lot. This plot could be as small as a handful of 60kg sacks of beans.


hands in coffee cherries


Because a micro lot is such a small amount of coffee, it doesn’t take long for the crop to be used. Labelling it as a limited edition coffee gives the impression that it will not be around for long, which is 100% correct in this case. We change our limited edition coffees 3-4 times a year, and sometimes add extra variations for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

Going, Going, Gone

A limited edition coffee can also mean that because this coffee is ‘rarer’, the farmers get paid more for their crop. Limited edition coffees are almost a once in a lifetime opportunity to try a coffee. Once the crop has gone there is no more! Get it while it’s hot!

As mentioned, a limited edition could be from a micro lot. A micro lot does what it says on the tin. It’s a small plot of land on the coffee farm that is used to grow a really small amount of speciality beans, usually to explore an interesting growing technique or processing method. This could be the experimentation of a macerated process to ferment the beans or a particular drying technique. Whatever the reason, we know that it’s smaller, it’s more special, and if you don’t try it when it’s around, you’ll never get the chance to try it again.


coffee cherries being picked


Our six speciality coffees do eventually run out, but due to the size of the crop, as mentioned, it normally takes around 12 months. When our stocks do diminish, we need to find a coffee to replace it; which also means trying lots of new coffee. Happy days! For our main coffees, such as our medium roast Brazilian coffee we look to keep the replacement similar in origin and/or tasting notes. This gives these coffees a state of familiarity. For instance, if you love the pink label coffee, the replacement in time will be very similar.


However, for our limited editions, we can go a bit more bananas and choose more ‘out there’, vibrant, and unusual flavours. When choosing a new limited edition, we don’t look to follow a particular pattern either. We look for something that will excite and give you the feeling that this coffee is a one-off, so give it a go! The only problem with this is when you fall in love with it, and it has to change; nooooo! Don’t worry though, the world is full of amazing speciality coffees just bursting with natural flavours waiting for us to find them.


sitting on a sofa holding a mug of two chimps coffee


If you love our freshly roasted coffee, then you HAVE to try our limited edition coffees. We always choose both a light & fruity coffee, which makes the perfect filter coffee or cafetiere and a medium-dark roast that is bursting with flavours, perfect for your AeroPress or Stovetop.

Seasonal Coffees

Our current limited edition coffees are a super sweet & fruity 90 hour macerated natural coffee from Honduras, and a creamy chocolatey washed coffee from Uganda. At Christmas, we had a fantastic Christmas coffee from Burundi with mentions of Christmas cake, marzipan and spiced apple too.

This year’s Valentine’s day coffee was full of florals and fruit from Rocko Mountain; Ethiopia.


two chimps coffee valentines day coffee png


It gets better

Hey, you can even have limited edition coffees delivered to your door, when you want them; for free!

Check out our online coffee subscription which allows you to choose which coffee you’d like, what grind size, what weight & how often you’d like it. This is then delivered to you using Royal Mail 1st class post.



What’s more, you get to drink freshly roasted coffee every day – no more commodity-grade supermarket coffee for you! You can even choose our limited edition coffees as your coffee of choice. This way, you’ll get to taste so many amazing coffees, all full of different flavours and as interesting as the next.

Or you can choose to have a Mystery subscription where we will send you a surprise coffee on every order; allowing you to try a different coffee from a different origin each time.

Sound good? Sign up now! There are no contracts, and you are free to leave if you wish. We will miss you though ☹


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