What is the best coffee equipment to use?

What is the best coffee brewing equipment for home use? How do you choose the best coffee method for you? Find out here!


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Deciding on the best coffee brewing equipment for you is not a what-colour-is-the-sky kinda question. There’s no one clear answer.


Your brew buddy of choice will depend on lots of factors. Here are the main ones:

  • Taste: what kind of coffee flavour do you like?
  • Time: how much time do you have?
  • Budget: how much do you fancy spending?
  • Experience: have you been brewing for yonks, or are you new to home coffee (if so, welcome! ?)


Gosh, so much to think about…

BUT DON’T PANIC. We know that all you want is a really (really) good cup of joe, so we’re going to break it down, take it slow, and help you find the perfect coffee equipment for your kitchen!


Speciality coffee sacks



Rich and Strong

Do you like coffee with sass? Coffee that’s rich and robust and brilliantly bold? Then espresso or stovetop coffee are for you.

We’re guessing you don’t need us to tell you that espresso coffee is strong. These mini maestros are known for their small size, punchy flavour and thick, near-buttery texture. They’re not actually any higher in caffeine than your average coffee – just a lot more concentrated. You’re essentially getting a full mug-worth’s cup of caffeine in a few short sips. Cue the caffeine kick!


espresso in shot glass sits on wooden table


Fancy another Italiano device that brews strong, syrupy coffee? Say “ciao” to the stovetop (or Moka pot – they’re the same thing). This seriously cool octagonal device makes full-bodied cups that will satisfy all your caffeine cravings.

You could also try the cafetiere if you want some strength and richness but don’t fancy that bounce-of-the-walls caffeine hit. The classic cafetiere (we’re saying “bonjour” this time, as you might also know it as the French Press) brews coffee with plenty of body and texture. This is all thanks to the wire mesh at the end of the plunger – it lets some of the coffee’s natural oils come through into your cup, giving you a coffee that’s thick in texture and utterly delicious!


Cafetiere sits beside three bags of light roast coffee at Two Chimps roastery



Clear and Light

Filters are probs the best coffee equipment if you like coffee that’s light and vibrant and sparkling clear. Basically coffee in unicorn form.

Brew coffee in filter devices like a V60 or Chemex, and expect a melodious cup with a nice balance between acidity and sweetness. It’ll have a smoother, crisper texture than your cafetiere cup or espresso shot. Why? Because the filter papers absorb some of those natural oils we mentioned before. And we’ll let you into a little secret…


Chemex coffee maker beside Chemex filter papers



Chemex paper filters are 20% thicker than their V60 cousins, meaning they absorb more oil and give a more tea-like texture. A little different in flavour, but equally delicious!

The unicorns think so, too. ?





Need Coffee, Like, NOW?

You know espressos are fast. They tell you in their name. Get the hang of your espresso machine, and you’ll be pulling a single shot in just 20-30 seconds.

But espresso makers aren’t the only option for fast coffee equipment…

Not when you’ve got an AeroPress! These snazzy single-serving devices are the best coffee equipment option for rich, strong coffee super-quick. Grab an AeroPress. And you’ll be brewing a café-standard cup of coffee in just a few minutes – no ifs and buts! This impressive pace is down to its smart design. By combining the cafetiere immersion method with the espresso’s pressure technique (because you push the plunger to make the coffee extract), the AP creates smooth, full-bodied coffee with low acidity. It’ll be strong, but not espresso strong, if you get our meaning?


Aeropress and green mug sit beside three bags of dark roast coffee at Two Chimps roastery


Want to recreate your coffee shop cup? Check this out!


Make cafe-standard coffee at home



Brewing at Leisure

If it’s Sunday morning brunch or coffee in the conservatory, then you need to make lovely cafetiere coffee! There is something so satisfying about the step-by-step process….




Catchy, right?

From start to finish, the French Press method takes around ten minutes. Plenty of time to grab the biscuits.


pouring fresh cafetiere coffee into a red mug





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Times are tight right now, but that doesn’t mean top coffee’s got to go! If you need a coffee brewer without a hefty price tag, then the V60 Coffee Dripper is the best coffee equipment for you. It only costs a tenner!

We know the V60 doesn’t look like a superstar. You probably think it looks like a cup and saucer…

But looks deceive – this is the user-friendly coffee brewer bursting with nifty features! See the spiral ribs on the inside? They help to ensure a steady flow of water and air. The 60° V-shape (now you know where the name comes from!) is awesome for a deliciously even extraction. Now this is what we call value for money!



Splash Out!

Espresso machines are perhaps the most costly piece of coffee kit. Machines come in at anywhere between £100 and £800, although we’d always recommend spending about £500 for a quality machine. It seems like a lot, but it’ll be your friend FOR LIFE. More or less. We bought our lovely espresso machine ten years ago, and she’s still going strong. ?

Want espresso-ish coffee without the cost? Go for a moka pot or AeroPress. Both options are pressure devices, so also give a cup that’s full in body and rich in texture.

Moka pots sport a high coffee-to-water ratio, too. They’re probably the closest to your punchy espresso shot. And the cost? A trusty Bialetti Moka pot costs about £30. Not bad for such SPECTACULAR coffee.


two moka pots by bialetti





Firstly, if you’re new to the wonderful world of home coffee, we need to say one big hello! We’re just delighted to have you!

And now we’re going to speak music to your ears. Ready?

You can easily make café-standard coffee in a user-friendly, well-behaved coffee brewer that runs like clockwork!!

That’s right. For deliciously simple coffee that works again and again, you want to go for the kind cafetiere. They are the best coffee equipment option if you’re looking to migrate from shop-bought coffees to happy home brewing. Follow the catchy step-by-step process we mentioned previously, and you’ll have awesome coffee every day! Smiles all around!


Pouring water into a cafetiere using a swan neck kettle


Coffee Connoisseur

Got a few years of coffee brewing under your belt? Fancy experimenting with different brew techniques? Then filter coffee is your partner in crime.

The basic V60 and Chemex methods are easy to grasp, but then you can tailor them to your tastes. Take the coffee amount, for instance. The coffee amount is pretty fixed in devices like the AeroPress or stovetop, but with a filter you can simply up the weight of ground coffee to alter the flavour or serve more people. Just don’t forget to use more water if you’re making more coffee!

Coffee in a chemex


You can also adjust your grind size, brew time and water temperature to create a bespoke filter coffee method and a coffee flavour right for you!

It’s worth noting, of course, that there’s plenty of scope for personalisation with the cafetiere. Try increasing the brew time for a punchier flavour with an edge of bitterness, or decreasing the coffee amount if your first attempt had a tad too much oomph.


Blue coffee mug sits on a wooden table beside Two Chimps coffee tin




Like the sound of home coffee? Find out more about the trusty cafetiere in this essential guide!



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