What is the Easiest Coffee Brewing Equipment for Beginners?

Just starting out with home brewing and want to find the best coffee brewing device? Scroll away, friends…


Hey, there! New to (the wonderful world of) home coffee brewing? One very big welcome! We’re so super happy you came! We’re giving you a virtual hug right now.

And now we’re gonna speak music to your ears. Ready?

You can make café-standard coffee in minutes! Without faff! Or expensive equipment!

Which coffee making equipment is best? Which is the no-fuss-no-hassle-no-nuisance coffee brewing device? We’re here to tell you!


AeroPress on a table besides green coffee mug and three bags of Two Chimps coffee


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What is a Coffee Brewing Device?

A brewing device is the piece of equipment you use to make a cup of coffee from the coffee grounds. You might not be familiar with coffee brewing equipment if you’re used to making instant, but that’s fine! We’re at your service with this keep-it-simple coffee brewing guide.

To make instant coffee, you dissolve the dehydrated granules in boiling water. This is speedy, yes, but the final taste is a bit, well, lacking… especially when you’ve got fantastically flavourful freshly roasted coffee!


Freshly roasted coffee beans


There’s a beautiful process to brewing fresh coffee, and your brewing device is the star. You start with fresh coffee beans from a roaster like Two Chimps (hi!), which you can get in ready ground or wholebean form. If you opt for wholebeans, you’ll need to do a bit of home grinding before you can brew. Then, you combine the grounds with hot water in your device and extract. Extraction is just a name for getting all the lovely flavour compounds from the grounds. It happens either by steeping (leaving the grounds and water together, as in a cafetiere) or adding pressure (like in espressos).



Placing a filled portafilter into an espresso machine





Ground Coffee vs. Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is a soluble form of pre-brewed coffee. Big brands dehydrate it to provide an ‘instant’ alternative to regular coffee brewing – to proper coffee brewing.

Instant coffee may satisfy your thirst but it won’t satisfy your need for flavour. Instant is generally made from robusta beans, the low-grade cousin of delicious arabica coffee. Robusta is easier to grow and more resistant to disease. It is also bitter, sour and not really very nice.

Instant coffee isn’t good for a caffeine boost, either – it contains considerably less caffeine than freshly brewed coffee. And who wants coffee that cuts corners?

Think of it like cheap orange squash vs. proper orange juice. The orange juice is wayyyy tastier, right?



Speciality coffee farmer with ripe speciality coffee cherries





What Are the Different Coffee Brewing Devices?

There are lots to choose from! These are the most popular…

  • Cafetiere
  • V60
  • Chemex
  • Moka Pot
  • Espresso Machine
  • AeroPress
Chemex sits besides three bags of freshly roasted coffee




What’s the Easiest Coffee Brewing Equipment for Beginners?

The Cafetiere

The cafetiere is the brew device that doesn’t look daunting. It looks like a teapot with a mini pump, right? These dapper devices are loved by millions of fans drinkers worldwide. With a reliable method and deliciously rich taste, this is the best brew method for a beginner!

Your cafetiere (or French Press – it’s the same thing) features two main parts: a jug and a plunger. There’s a circular mesh on the end of the plunger, which you press down to separate the grounds from the brewed coffee.


Spooning freshly ground coffee into a cafetiere jug


And the taste? Cafetieres are the way forward if you like rich, moreish joe. Cafetiere coffee has a nice thick texture in the mouth – great if you want a satisfying cup!

Want to make it happen? Just grab 50g of freshly roasted coffee if you’re using a standard-size cafetière (1000 ml/eight cups). Pop the grounds in the base of the warmed-up jug and fill it up with 1000ml of boiled water. Add the lid on and wait two minutes. Stir, and wait two minutes more. Maybe do some salsa dancing to pass the time. Now for the cool bit – plunging! Press the plunger down, slowly now, and leave for a couple more minutes before diving in!


Fancy a step-by-step guide? Find it here!


People. It gets better. Because the simple French Press method is easy to adapt to your tastes! If you want a stronger, richer flavour, just use a few more grams of coffee or leave it to brew for a little longer. Easy-peasy, nice-and-cheesy.


Stirring coffee in a cafetiere




Easy Coffee Method No. 2… the V60!

The V60 doesn’t look like much. It looks a bit odd, to be honest, with its funny cup-and-saucer vibes… But dive in! You’ll love it! Especially if you’re a fan of light textured coffee with a clean, clear taste.


v60 coffee dripper sitting on a table



The V60 is a user-friendly filter coffee brewer with lots of snazzy features. Peek inside, and you’ll see some spiral ribs. These help to keep the water and air flow steady, and achieve an even extraction. The 60° V-shape (you see where the name comes from, right?!) also keeps things nice and stable.

And guess what? All this cleverness for just £10! It’s a steal! And a scrummy one, too…

If you fancy giving this filter device a go, check out our V60 coffee brewing guide. ⤵





Do I Need Any Extra Equipment to Make Coffee?

Nope! Just grab a device and some fresh coffee grounds and you’re on your way!

Although, we can’t promise you won’t be tempted by the fab coffee making range out there. You can use oodles of handy devices to take home coffee to the next level. Why not invest in a coffee-pouring kettle or some proper coffee scales?

But, really, all you need to get started is a device and some good coffee. Tick this box, and happiness is on the way…


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Swan neck kettle besides bag of fresh two chimps coffee



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