What the heck is the chimpometer?

As you know, we like to make things fun and quirky at Two Chimps, and the Chimpometer is no exception!

This is our version of labelling the roast style of our speciality coffees. Whether you like your brew light and fruity or medium/dark, we have a nifty little system to show this on our packaging. Regarding the name, we use our chimp head logo to indicate the roast level of that coffee. The more heads filled in, the darker the roast, ta-dah the chimpometer is born! Those eagled-eyed people will notice that we don’t have three chimp heads (dark) coffees. That’s because to achieve this ‘dark’ roast, the beans must be roasted for longer, becoming burnt (did someone say supermarket coffee?), which means they lose all those fantastic flavours we strive to develop here at Two Chimps.


In other words:

Two and a half heads = medium/dark (blue, orange, and purple labelled coffee)

Two heads = medium (our pink, red, green, purple and half-caff labelled coffee)

One head = light and fruity (our white, lilac, and yellow labelled coffee)

Chimpometer- Chimp Heads Image


What is the difference between the roast strengths?

Roasting coffee beans is a very similar process to making caramel. The longer you cook, the sweeter and darker it becomes. However, once it’s burnt, it tastes bitter and unpleasant. You lose all those sweet, caramel flavour notes. This happens concerning coffee beans because the longer you roast, the more the bean’s natural sugars burn, losing all the fruity, delicious flavours and the caffeine. Ironically, those of you who may prefer a darker roast that tastes more like ‘coffee’ consume less caffeine than someone who likes a sweeter, fruity, lighter roast.


Well, there you have it! Now that you are an expert in Two Chimps, do you fancy trying some of these brews? Shop below!


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