The best Father’s Days coffee gifts? Scroll down, star child…

Dad is coffee crazy. Awesome. That means you can cross all the novelty socks, chocolate boxes and naff BBQ aprons off your list (so 2019).

But your one-of-a-kind dad doesn’t want any old coffee this Father’s Day. He deserves the best! And what is the best coffee for Father’s Day? One that’s super-tasty? Ethical? Delivered in cool packaging?

How about one that’s all three?

Now we’re talking!

Fresh Coffee is Best this Father’s Day

Whether you’re buying for a dapper dad or A-Star uncle, only fresh coffee will suffice this Father’s Day. Here at Two Chimps, we hand-roast high scoring speciality beans multiple times a week to make sure he gets the best. Because what else will do for Dad?

(answer: naught)

But don’t worry, all the ‘it’s-the-best-speciality’ stuff doesn’t mean things get boring. We’re a down-to-earth bunch at Two Chimps and don’t get snooty about good coffee. Life’s too short for that. So, come aboard, embrace the dad humour and treat him to some rather cracking coffee this June!


Need some ideas for Father’s Day coffee gifts? Check out these top, dad-approved choices…



A Limited-Edition Father’s Day Coffee

Dad is a rare sort, a special edition, a one of a kind.

… So what better gift than a limited-edition Father’s Day coffee?!

Dad’s the Word is our exclusive Father’s Day special. And it really is rather special…

Why? Because this coffee features rare Geisha coffee beans! These are some of the most sought-after arabica beans you can get, hailed worldwide for their fruity flavour and stunning aftertaste. Fancy giving dad a coffee gift just as exclusive as he is? Here it is!

We sourced this awesome coffee from the Phetlamka Estate in southern Laos and roasted it with love in our little Rutland roastery. Expect standout flavours of cherry cola and toffee apple (yes, really!), all wrapped up in a nice full-bodied texture. You can practically see him smiling.

Looking for a next-level Father’s Day gift? Why not make it a gift box with this Father’s Day Coffee Gift Set? Dad’s the Word coffee plus cool coffee extras, hand-wrapped in a Two Chimps presentation box. It hits the mark every time.

A Strong Morning Coffee for the ‘Ol Man

Need Father’s Day coffee gifts for a (*ahem*) grumpy bear dad? Because we all know there are times when he practically has ‘Do Not Disturb’ plastered on his forehead. Like when he’s building the wardrobe without a manual (which he obviously doesn’t need). Or when his spag bol starts to smell burnt (charred is on-trend).

These are the times when you… Don’t Poke the Bear!

Don’t Poke the Bear is our single-origin Colombian coffee. Does he like a good cup to get him out of bed? A strong coffee with his toast and cornflakes? This is the one for him.

Crisp red apple sweetness and caramelly brown sugar give a satisfying cup, while a cheeky hint of melon rounds things off in style. The perfect coffee for making grumpy bears into happy ones!

A Medium Roast for Mr Awesome

Daddy or chips, daddy or chips…

Have both with this medium roast megastar! Chuffed as Chips is a failsafe choice – especially if Dad’s a cafetiere fan. It’s apple and raisin undertones remind us of Sunday crumble, while those notes of toffee keep things sweet.

This coffee comes from the Fazenda Recreio coffee farm in São Paulo, Brazil. The farm is owned by Diogo Dias Teixeira de Macedo, whose family has grown coffee in São Paulo since 1890! Fazenda Recreio has gone from strength to strength in recent years, scooping seven Cup of Excellence victories since 2000!

Coffee Gift Subscription

What’s the best coffee for Father’s Day? The kind that comes again! Treat your champion dad to a bespoke coffee gift subscription, and he’ll be smiling long after June.

Coffee gift subscriptions put top coffee on repeat. Simply choose the perfect coffee and select his brew method and delivery frequency. Then you’re all done! We’ll crack on with Dad’s coffee deliveries, always roasting fresh and grinding on the day of dispatch. The perfect Father’s Day present for reminding him you’re his favourite child just a few more times…

Because you are. You’re gifting him awesome coffee!

Head to the shop and take a peek at our full range of Father’s Day gift ideas!

Sure Father’s Day satisfaction, coming up…

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