When an advent calendar isn’t enough, try our advent coffee box

24th September 2023

Advent calendars are a little treat for each day and something to look forward to in the lead-up to Christmas.

For some people (alright, most people!), the Advent Calendar begins Christmas and marks the start of the countdown.

Advent Calendars usually have something you enjoy hidden behind each fiddly door, like chocolate, sweets, lego or…. coffee? A coffee advent calendar is a relatively new and popular alternative to a traditional chocolate calendar.

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we are all about being different while doing our bit to save the planet. So it was time for the chimps to put their heads together and come up with the best alternative coffee advent calendar for 2023! Something that uses less packaging, is still awesome, and where you get lots of coffee to see you all the way through to the big day. So…. Here it is, the best advent calendar for the coffee lover in your life:


Introducing… (drum roll please)… The Two Chimps Christmas Coffee Advent Box

*round of applause*

Unlike the traditional pre-weighed, individual packets of coffee (25 in total), we have combined the advent idea and made a box to enjoy for December. A different bag for every week – wahoo.

Let’s get to the best bits!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a coffee advent box this December!

  1. Less packaging.

Whether the packaging is sustainable, recyclable, compostable or made of air, it’s still been made and used and now needs to be recycled. Let’s think about reducing our carbon even more by using less packaging. Rather than 25 individually wrapped sachets of coffee, you have four large bags – that’s it. With the added bonus that the bags are fully recyclable, as is the box, tape and label – wahoo!

  1. More for your money

25 packets of 25g of coffee is 625g of coffee inside your advent calendar. Our advent box has 4x 250g bags –a whopping kilo of coffee AND an awesome Two Chimps Tin and magnet set to keep – say no more, say no more!

  1. Christmas Coffee

Your coffee advent box includes the exclusive and super limited edition Christmas Coffee. So new, it’s not even made it to the roastery yet! You can dive in and start your December with the natural yet festive flavours of the Christmas coffee, or wait until the last week of December and save the best till last.

    1. Sharing is caring

    With 250g of each coffee, if you’re nearest and dearest come around, you can share the festive cheer with them over your brew of the week; there is no need to get stingy, as you’ve got a whole bag of the good stuff. Hey, you can even make it a family occasion, and all enjoy it and compare tasting notes over the breakfast table… ok, maybe that’s just us that does that?!

    1. The best

    Okay, this isn’t just one reason; this is many reasons rounded into number 5. The coffee is ethically sourced from hard-working and blooming good coffee farmers worldwide. Expert roasters then freshly roast it at Two Chimps Coffee HQ multiple times each week to ensure that every single bag is fresh and, therefore, super tasty when it arrives with you. We grind your coffee if required, label and pack each bag and pop it in the post with FREE first-class delivery. Moreover, we’ve offset the carbon for this process for you, so your order has NO CARBON FOOTPRINT. Yep, that’s right, excellent, tasty coffee with no carbon.

The box

Our Christmas advent coffee box includes 4 x 250g bags of freshly roasted coffee, a Two Chimps Coffee tin and magnet set and is hand-tied with ribbon in a gift box and ready to give. You can also add a gift note too!

Your Christmas treat will arrive with FREE first-class delivery to you or the gift recipient.

Does this sound like the best coffee advent calendar you have heard of yet? Pre-order now for it to arrive fresh for the Christmas coffee-drinking season.

Don’t hang about – order yours today!

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