When is fresh coffee delivered?

Whenever you want it!

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we believe in ‘Fresh is Best’ and with that in mind, we make sure that every bag of coffee that leaves us is as fresh as possible.

It’s not always easy to establish how old a generic ‘supermarket’ bag of coffee is, because often there is only a best before or use by date on the bag, but this information doesn’t tell us when it was roasted. We know that coffee is at its best within 4 weeks of roasting, so how can you tell this if there is no roast date on the bag? Well, that’s not a problem with our freshly roasted coffee,because every bag has the roast date and the chimp’s name that roasted it, clearly marked on the bag. This way, you’ll know just how fresh your coffee really is.

Roasting the beans

Here at Two Chimps towers, we source and roast single-origin speciality coffee, which we’ll talk more about later, but in short, they are the highest grade of green beans available. Due to the great quality, these beans are full of flavour which we want to celebrate, not hide by over roasting. Using our knowledge and experience, we roast the beans to specific recipes which we’ve created especially to ensure the perfect balance of sweetness, body and intensity. Before roasting, we measure the density and moisture of the bean to ensure the roaster is set to the correct temperature. This assures that we do not scorch, or burn the beans. We monitor the roast throughout too, making sure everything is A-Okay.

We also use smell. It sounds obvious, but carefully sniffing out the different aromas of the roast helps us to tell at what stage the roast is at. Aromas like grass mean the moisture is starting to leave the beans, a smell of hay means more moisture has left and the beans are starting a Malliard reaction, and the smell of bread indicates they’re working nicely towards first crack. Each roast is hand-roasted differently, for instance, we roast our espresso beans for a little longer than our beans for filter; which gives the sugars longer to caramelise. This caramelisation allows the sweetness to shine through. Awesome!

roasting coffee

What is Speciality coffee?

We mentioned earlier about using only single-origin speciality coffee and the reason for this is because it’s the best! It’s given the best care and attention and generally well looked after throughout its life. Its unique taste is due to the climate and soil it grows in. Not to mention the loving care given from the coffee farmer and their workers. And, if roasted and brewed correctly, it produces some amazing flavours from caramel, toffee, nuts right to passionfruit, lime and blueberry! This is why we don’t want to lose these flavours in the roast.

We ethically source our beans from small farms through as direct trade route as possible. This means the farmers receive more of the full amount of money for the coffee as fewer organisations are in the supply chain. They’re getting the best price possible; between 30-150% more than commodity-grade coffee, and the money is going straight back into the farms for harvests to come.


If you are looking for the freshest coffee delivered through your door, then head over to our shop right now! All orders placed before noon are dispatched the same day, and to make sure the freshest coffee is delivered, all orders are sent with FREE first class postage.

Wholesale Coffee Supplier

If you are looking for a wholesale coffee supplier to supply you with the freshest coffee, then look no further too. So that our wholesale coffee customers are selling and serving the freshest coffee possible, we deliver to them every week.

coffee in a cooling bin

We contact our wholesale coffee customers at the beginning of the week for an order. We then hand roast to order, prepare the orders and hand-deliver the same week. Our top tip would be to make sure that your team rotate stock. Also, to make sure they’re using the older coffee first. I mentioned earlier that every bag of freshly roasted coffee is labelled with the roast date and roasters name. This makes it super clear to see how fresh your coffee is and therefore easy to know which to use first.

We always advise purchasing fresh coffee’ little and often’ instead of a big order to last for months. By ordering regularly, this guarantees that every bag you receive is freshly roasted that week. If ordering weekly feels arduous, then we’ve got it covered. As mentioned, we’ll contact you each week for your order and even set you up on a rolling order if it’s easier, so you’ll always have fresh coffee delivered to you without even thinking about it, it’s that easy!

photo of two chimps coffee board with josies vintage trailer in the background

Wholesale Coffee Delivery

So, we’ve roasted your coffee order, and it’s ready to be delivered. How much is that going to cost? Nothing! Because all our deliveries are free. Plus, there is no minimum order. We like to say ‘hello’ to our lovely wholesale customers, and so we always try to hand-deliver your coffee. It means we can answer any questions you have. Help you with your espresso machine if there are any hitches. Or just find out what you had for your tea last night. Further afield? No problem. We’ll get your coffee to you the very next day with our free courier service.

fresh coffe delivered and sitting on a door mat

Will it stay fresh if I don’t use it all?

Yes. As mentioned, we know coffee is best within 4 weeks. But it will be fine for up to 8 weeks if you’ve not drunk it all by then. Our bags have a clever one-way valve which allows the gasses to escape without letting oxygen into the bag; keeping the coffee fresher for longer. You don’t want to store your coffee in the fridge however. The change in temperature will affect all those lovely flavours. Just keep it cool and dry.

With an order of freshly roasted speciality coffee, delivered for free each week or when you want it, we doubt however there will be any left to keep fresh!

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