Where can I buy a coffee gift set?

In our top-notch online shop! ?

Ahhhh, don’t you love it when a problem has a simple solution??

You can find pretty much anything online – including where to buy our fabulous coffee gift sets! We’ve created a jolly crew of gift sets so you can always find the perfect present. Every Two Chimps gift set includes one or more of our freshly roasted speciality coffees along with brewing devices, spice pouches, enamel mugs, and more! So, if you’re wondering where to buy the perfect gift for a coffee lover, head to our online gift shop right away!


Two chimps coffee, tote bag and gift box


The best coffee, ethically sourced

Our approach to fantastic coffee is fun and fuss-free. Based in Rutland, we ethically source top-grade speciality coffee from small farms all around the world. Our carefully selected direct trade importers ensure that every farmer receives between 30 and 150% more than the going rate for their speciality coffee. Great coffee that does good. We think it makes sense.

We only ever roast speciality coffee because it’s the highest grade of coffee available and tastes so much better than the supermarket stuff. It’s called ‘speciality’ because of the way the cherries are grown and harvested. Hand-picked only when perfectly ripe and carefully dried and hand-sorted, every speciality bean is entirely awesome! What’s more, speciality coffee is cupped and graded by certified tasters who score out of 100; only if it scores 80 or more can it be classed as a speciality.


coffee cherries being picked


Fresh is best

We roast all of our speciality beans by hand. Small-batch roasting multiple times each week ensures that we always send out the very freshest coffee.

Coffee is, without question, best when fresh, so we do all we can to help you enjoy great coffee in its prime. We never store roasted coffee beans and always mark our Two Chimps pouches with the roast date so you can savour it when the flavours are best. We recommend drinking our coffee within 12 weeks of roasting – although we doubt it will last that long!


Coffee beans in coffee roaster



The distinctive taste of speciality beans deserves serious respect ?. That’s why we roast with natural flavours in mind. Every bean type has its own unique flavour, and our small-batch roasting process makes sure we put them centre stage.

Brazilian coffees, for example, have a sweet chocolatey, nut-like taste because they are grown at lower altitudes. Ethiopian coffees, on the other hand, are grown at higher altitudes so have fruity, floral notes.

Every origin is different and therefore requires a slightly different roasting method. We spend time fine-tuning our roast formulas to create individual recipes that bring out the beans’ unique flavours. It’s not ‘one roast fits all’: we use our expert knowledge and combined years of experience to perfect every batch.

Over-roasting – now, that’s something we don’t do! We’re finickity about each batch and only roast 12kg at a time to give us maximum control. Unlike commercial roasters, who roast in large batches to mask the undesirable flavours in their low-grade beans, we pay close attention to each small batch. Bitter and burnt is what you’ll get from commodity coffee – and what you won’t find in ours!


Coffee beans coming out of roaster


Shop to it!

Our website is brimming with coffee glory and gift set greatness. You’ll find nine single-origin coffees in our online shop, including two lovely decaffeinated coffees and two limited edition specials. There’s a coffee for every time of day, from bright morning brews to full-bodied roasts great for after-dinner drinking. We offer lots of information about our coffees and their origins but don’t worry, the facts and figures aren’t essential to enjoying awesome coffee!

What else will you find in our online shop? How about delicious loose-leaf teas and creamy hot chocolates made with 71% real chocolate flakes? Check! Are there barista-quality brewing devices, coffee-making equipment and cool coffee storage tins? You bet! Our online gift shop has everything you need for hot drink happiness – check it out!


set of four teas and infusers


A gift set for everyone

Any Two Chimps product makes a great gift, but if you’re looking to give something a bit more special, we recommend one of our gift sets. We know that coffee is quite personal, so we’ve come up with lots of options to make sure you can always send the perfect present. Take our Coffee Lovers Taster Pack, for instance: featuring six packs of speciality coffee, it’s ideal for those who like to try something new. The Breakfast Tea and Coffee Treat is perfect for early birds (or those who need a bit of encouragement to get out of bed!). Our Ultimate Mega Coffee Gift Set, meanwhile, is the greatest of them all – with eight 250g bags and lots of fun extras, it’s the present every coffee lover wants to receive!

Can’t see something that catches your eye? Don’t worry. Get in touch with us and we’d love to help you create a bespoke gift that’s just what you are after. We’re also happy to exchange gifts if they would prefer something a bit different.

Alternatively, you can find a Two Chimps coffee gift card in our online shop so they can choose whatever they fancy.


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Starry-eyed over coffee subscriptions

If you know someone who drinks coffee regularly, why not choose one of our online coffee gift subscriptions? Everyone will be pleased with a regular delivery of top-quality coffee! Because we roast throughout the week, each delivery will be fresh as fresh can be. Just choose your coffee and grind size, and we will do the rest! A perfect present without any fuss! From the whole bean to the cafetière, we guarantee that every Two Chimps gift will contain freshly roasted artisan coffee that tastes just great.

Subscribers will receive the best coffee delivered free of charge to their address each week or month, so they’ll never have to think about ordering coffee again. A gift of top-tasting, stress-free coffee… what could be better?

Are they not a coffee fan? Don’t worry, our online shop also features plenty of wonderful gifts sets that include loose-leaf teas and premium hot chocolate flakes. Our Best Selling Tea Lovers Gift Set contains four bags of delicious loose leaf tea, a tea spice pouch and two reusable tea infusers (making it great for eco-conscious tea drinkers). We also love our Hot Chocolate Gift Set – it’s cosiness in a box! With a 250g bag of 71% cocoa flakes and two stylish white enamel mugs, this is the gift set to make any chocolate lover smile!


hot chocolate and mug by two chimps

Personalisation station

We believe in the personal touch, so we’ve made sure you can customise your gift in our online shop. Whether you’d like it hand-wrapped or personalised with a handwritten message, just let us know, and we’ll make sure it all looks awesome!

And don’t forget – our delivery is always free! No minimum order, no maximum weight, just speedy First Class delivery! Well, if you’re buying a gift for someone else, we think you deserve a treat too.


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Our online shop is the perfect place to buy a coffee gift set or subscription. Easy, fun and always delicious, these are gifts you don’t want to miss!


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