Where Can I Buy Artisan Coffee?

There are lots of places you can buy artisan coffee from.

Our shop is a great place to start, or we have a number of stockists too. Let’s take a closer look at some of the places artisan coffee is available so that you can get your fix.

Our Website

Artisan coffee can be purchased in many different forms from our website.

Coffee Subscription

For instance, what about a coffee subscription?. Choose your favourite coffee, or choose a mystery coffee subsciption. With a subscription, you are in control. Just choose the coffee, the grind size, the weight and the frequency, and we will do the rest. Having artisan coffee has never been so easy!


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There are currently seven artisan coffees to choose from. Each coffee is unique from the last, with individual flavours and characteristics bursting through. We roast three of our coffees lighter to showcase sweeter and fruitier notes, and at least three of the others are roasted ever so slightly darker to show off more chocolatey, toffee and nutty flavours.

If requested, we grind your coffee to suit your favourite brewing device. To keep your coffee as fresh as possible, grinding your coffee is the last thing we will do before it leaves us.

After creating your bespoke coffee subscription, all that is left is to choose the delivery option. As standard, we send all orders with FREE Royal Mail First Class Delivery. Need your coffee order guaranteed? Choose Special Delivery at the checkout which guarantees your order by 1 pm the next working day if ordered before noon.


Coffee Wizard

By using our trusty coffee wizard, you will find the artisan coffee subscription that is the right fit for you. By answering four simple questions, the wizard will create your tailored subscription. If you’re not too sure about the coffee that has been chosen for you, scroll down on the page to find the rest of our coffees.

Mystery Subscription

Do you like to try new things? Our mystery subscription could be just the thing you’re after.

Everything works in the same way as our regular artisan coffee subscription; however, instead of choosing the coffee, we send a different one each time your subscription is due.


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If there is a particular coffee you want to avoid (for instance, if you are not a fan of decaffeinated coffee,) please let us know, and we will leave it out.

Account Management

If needed, you can pause, restart or stop your subscription at any point.

Going on holiday and worried about missing your delivery? Simply log into your account and pause your subscription. Just make sure that when you get back you restart it again! We will hold fire from freshly roasting and packing your order until you restart it again.

Want to stop your subscription? Again, log into your account, and you can cancel your subscription. It will stop there and then. We will miss you though!


espresso extraction

One Off Bag

Don’t want to commit to a coffee subscription just yet? No problem. You can purchase a one off bag through our shop too. You still get the same bespoke service, just on the one bag rather than many. If you are new to artisan coffee and are not sure what sort of coffee is for you, we have 50g sample bags too. These smaller bags have enough coffee to make a few cups – perfect.

Our other bag sizes are 250g, 500g and 1kg.

Gift Subscriptions

Birthday coming up? Christmas? Anniversary? Whatever the occasion, if your loved one is a coffee lover, then a gift subscription is ideal.


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With a gift subscription, you get the same bespoke options as a regular subscription. However, rather than paying for your coffee subscription when it is due to leave us, our gift subscriptions require just one payment for the duration of the subscription. This sum is dependant on how many deliveries you have chosen; from two to twelve. A gift subscription can also be delivered on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Gift Sets

Looking to really treat someone? Our gift sets include a 250g bag of any of our artisan coffees, as well as a brewing device of your choice.


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Just choose the coffee you would like with the brewing device, and we will grind to suit. We have several brewing devices you can choose from. These include popular devices such as the Cafetiere or Aeropress, as well as new devices such as the Chemex or Handpresso.

Got a loved one who is already armed with every brewing device under the sun? No problem. Our latest gift set comes with a 250g bag of freshly roasted artisan coffee as well as a Two Chimps Coffee Enamel Mug! Take a look here

Our Stockists

Where else can you buy artisan coffee?

We supply artisan coffee to many small businesses throughout the UK. We don’t just supply our coffee to cafes, restaurants and pubs either, oh no! You can find artisan coffee in hairdressers, soft play centres, delis, farm shops and glamping sites to name just a few. Most of these have artisan coffee to resell too.


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Just after a cup?

Here at Two Chimps, we freshly roast artisan coffee in small batches by hand. This results in awesomely tasty coffee. As mentioned, we wholesale coffee to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd by offering better coffee. By offering their customers Two Chimps Coffee that’s exactly what they are doing! Check out Where Can I Try Two Chimps Coffee to see if awesome coffee is just around the corner.

Come and See Us

Local to the roastery? Come get your artisan coffee direct. We would love to see you. Not only that, but you can ask any questions you have while visiting.


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There are loads of places you can buy artisan coffee from. Whether it’s from our website, direct from the roastery or from one of our many stockists!

Ready for coffee greatness? Head over to our shop today to grab a bag of freshly roasted artisan coffee.

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