Where Can I Find A Wholesale Coffee Supplier?

Are you looking for a wholesale coffee supplier?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re Two Chimps Coffee and we freshly roast speciality coffees by hand in small batches at our roastery in Rutland.

What is speciality coffee?

Speciality coffee simply put, is the best of the best. Determined by its quality score, speciality is a high grade of Arabica The higher the score, the more exciting and beautiful the coffee. The quality score, determined by coffee cupping must be at least 80 points out of 100. If a coffee scores less, the price falls; as does its title.


handful of green coffee beans

What makes it so special?

For a coffee to become a better quality than another coffee, it has to be lovingly cared for throughout its life.

For instance, when the coffee is ready to harvest, the coffee cherries are handpicked to assure only the ripest of cherries are chosen. Sure, all coffee has to be picked, but cheaper graded coffee is often strip picked to reduce labour intensive practices. Strip picking, however, picks all of the cherries, ripe or not.

We source our coffees from small farms and estates around the world. The farmers and workers at these farms work incredibly hard to produce high-quality coffees. We are incredibly proud to be able to share these coffees with you all.

Sounds good so far? Great! Give the team a call on 01572 774389. We can arrange to meet and talk coffee! In the meantime, we can pop some samples over to you too.


six coffee bags and tin


Alternatively, you are welcome to pop and see the team at the roastery. If you are looking to find us, the address is below:

Two Chimps Coffee, 8b Oakham Enterprise Park, Ashwell Road, Oakham, Rutland LE15 7TU.

It can be difficult to find us once on the site however. If you get stuck, give us a call and we will send a search party.

Ready to learn more? Let’s read on.


portafilter with coffee

Ordering and Delivering

So, you have found a wholesale coffee supplier; yay! What happens next? How do you get your coffee? Well, each week, we contact you for your coffee order.

We don’t have a minimum order quantity so you can order as much, or as little as needed to last you for the week, until we call again.

Next, we lovingly roast your coffee by hand; fresh to order. Lastly, it is packaged and delivered to you. By sending you the freshest coffee, you will, in turn, always be serving the freshest coffee to your customers. Awesome!

If you are local to the roastery, we will hand-deliver your coffee order. While on-site, we can check your coffee machine and grinders if needed; helping you to make sure everything is working how it should be. If you are located a little further away, we send your coffee order by next day courier. So, no matter where you are located, freshly roasted coffee is accessible to you.

Don’t worry if you think you may miss out on seeing our beautiful faces when we deliver, oh no. We will still come and say hi, talk about all things coffee and check on your equipment; just a little less often. This helps us keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

a shot of espresso pouring into a mug

We have so much to share with you too

Coffee School

For instance, you are welcome to visit the roastery for a coffee school. We will talk about how coffee is grown, harvested and processed. We will also roast, allowing you all to see how and why we roast the way we do. The session will finish off with a little coffee brewing too.

Thought about having a Custom Blend?

If you are looking to stand out from your competitors, create your own custom coffee blend. Come to the roastery for a coffee cupping session. After trying each of our single-origin speciality coffees, its time to blend. Give your blend its own name and get ready to share it with the world.


coffee in a cooling bin

On-site Coffee Training

Finding an awesome coffee supplier is just the start of your coffee journey. If coffee is made inadequately, your customers will taste the difference. To help with this, we offer free unlimited coffee training; helpful for those new to coffee, or those who would love a refresher alike.

As mentioned, our coffee training is free and unlimited. So, when you have a new member join the team, just let us know and we will be over in a flash.


coffee being tamped


As well as giving training on how to use your coffee machine, we can also show you how to clean it if needed. Keeping your espresso machine in tip-top condition is the first step to amazing coffee. Your espresso machine will also last longer, saving money in the long term.

If needed, we offer various coffee machine cleaning equipment which can be delivered for free with your coffee order too.

Throughout a training session, we will touch on the following points and more!

• How to pour an espresso
• Dialling in your grinder
• How to make various drinks
• How to steam milk correctly, so it doesn’t look like bubble bath
• How to clean your machine if needed
• Basic latte art, plus much, much more.


texturising milk using an espresso machine

Looking to find a wholesale coffee supplier, but don’t use an espresso machine?

No problem. We roast coffees for an array of different brewing devices. Want to serve just cafetiere coffee? That’s cool with us. We can grind your coffee fresh to order too, and supply it in 250g, 500g and 1kg bags if it helps. We can still look to offer coffee training also. It may be ‘only a cafetiere’, but we promise you can find some amazing flavours from the simplest of devices.

So, hopefully, after reading this you have found a wholesale coffee supplier. Woop woop!

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