Where can I find an Independent coffee roaster?  

We love coffee.

And if you love coffee too then you will already be aware of the hundreds of options to choose from wherever you go.

From supermarkets to farm shops and online; but how do you know what to choose?


two chimps 1 kilogram bag lying on a coffee table


You may have questions like; It says it’s fruity and chocolatey, will I like it? It’s ‘in date’ for a year, at least it will last me a while?! If it’s a dark roast does that mean it’s stronger? Unless you read about coffee or know someone who knows about it, there are so many options and questions around which one is best.

What we know is that the best coffee is the freshest coffee and as an independent coffee roaster, we know what we’re talking about!

About us

We’re not just an Independent coffee roaster; we offer many other services along with our freshly roasted coffees.

espresso being ground

For instance, if you are a business with an espresso machine, we’ll come and set your machine and grinder up to work in harmony with our coffees. How your coffee is ground plays a huge role in whether you get an awesome tasting cup of coffee or an awful tasting cup of coffee, even from the same bag!

espresso pouring from an espresso machine


We’ll come and get everything set up and working as it should be and provide free training for you and all of your staff too. Once the machine is set up, you’ll hardly need to touch it again, except the odd tweak here and there that may be necessary.

We also offer our coffees in retail packs for you to sell instore if preferred. What’s more, we deliver freshly roasted coffee for free, either by hand or courier direct to your door. This means no matter how often you order; you’ll never have to pay for postage.

coffee gift set with bag and tin and box


Our top tip would be to buy little and often to guarantee freshness. You can do this online and have coffee delivered to your door or, if you are looking for a wholesale coffee supplier, then we deliver each week and say hi. No matter how often you order, you’ll never have to pay for postage.

Fresh Coffee

Here at Two Chimps Coffee Roasters, our ethos is ‘Fresh is Best’ simply because the fresher the coffee is, the better it tastes. We hand roast all of our ethically sourced beans and supply freshly roasted coffee to all sorts of different businesses locally and further afield. We supply whole bean for your espresso machine and ground coffee ready for your brewing devices if needed too.


tamping coffee into a portafilter


As an independent coffee roaster, we ensure that our customers receive the freshest coffee possible, by hand-roasting in small batches multiple times each week. We also grind our coffee on the day of despatch, ensuring that even your ground coffee is as fresh as fresh can be!

Our hand roasted speciality coffee is 100% single origin Arabica coffee. We only roast speciality coffee because it’s the best. We have six delicious coffees available, plus two ever changing limited editions too. These include our chemical free decaffeinated coffee, and all have unique tasting notes.


roasting coffee


Now and again, a coffee will run out and require replacing. Because we source single origin coffee from small farms and estates, when the coffee has been harvested, roasted and drunk, that particular coffee ceases to exist. We always look to replace a coffee with one that is similar however. We love this part!


coffee cherries being picked

Have a business? Where are you based?

We’re based in Oakham, Rutland which is the smallest county in the country. Even so, we’re renowned for some amazing food and drink producers from award-winning cafes to an independent coffee roaster!  As mentioned, we deliver freshly roasted coffee to our local customers by hand because we want to get to know them and see how we can support them too.

It also means we’re on hand when they need us and we get to build a strong working relationship also. This isn’t something you get if you buy your coffee from a well-known supermarket or large coffee producer. Shopping locally also means you’re not only supporting small, local businesses; you’re also supporting the local economy.

Even if you’re not local to us, that’s OK! Our delivery is free no matter where you are, so you’ll still get to receive freshly roasted coffee each week, plus, we’re available 24/7 if you need us. We’ll come and visit to set your machine up or to just chat with you about coffee! We offer the same great service, even if you’re not just down the road.


inside the tasting room at two chimps coffee


Why not come and see us!? We love to show people around our roastery, and you can even watch us roast so you can see the magic happen!

Alternatively, we have a great website packed full of coffee information, info about other customers, recipes and brew guides for making coffee. Take a look at our coffees and choose the one that sounds right for you, or if you’re not sure, you can use our coffee wizard to help you decide!

Looking for coffee for you?

Check out our list of stockists. As well as supporting a local business, you get to drink awesome coffee too.

They’ll be able to tell you all about the coffee and why they love it. And we know that once you taste it, you won’t go back!

Want coffee for home? Sure. Head to our shop now.


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Anything else?

As well as freshly roasted coffee delivered for free, we also offer free point of sale material for all of our wholesale coffee customers. For instance, we have Two Chimps Coffee A-Boards, strut mounts and leaflets containing tonnes of interesting info about our coffees.


post strut mounts of two chimps coffee


We support all of our customers online by connecting through social media too. It’s an awesome way to promote your business for free, especially if you are small and want to spread the word.

We’re always on hand to help and support our customers so if you’re looking for an independent coffee roaster, look no further!

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