Where can I find fresh coffee?

Right here at Two Chimps Coffee Roasters of course!

Our ethos is ‘Fresh is Best,’ simply because the fresher the coffee is, the better it tastes. We supply freshly roasted coffee to all sorts of businesses locally and further afield, not to mention straight through your door at home with our coffee delivery service.

Whether you’re a mobile coffee van or a soft play centre, we have a coffee to suit your needs. From whole bean for your espresso machine to ground coffee ready for your cafetieres, we can tailor your coffee precisely, with a guarantee that it’ll be the freshest coffee around.

Two Chimps Coffee roastery

Our beans

With the help of our importer, we source green beans from smallholding farms and cooperatives all over the world. This means that we do change our coffees on offer now and again. Often, the coffee harvests are small, and when a harvest has finished, that particular coffee ceases to exist. We only source enough of a particular origin to last us for 12 months maximum, meaning it will stay nice and fresh while we roast our way through; roasting as and when we need. It also means all those lovely flavours found within speciality coffee are not lost either.

When our coffees are ready to depart their origins, they’re packed in hessian sacks that have a plastic lining inside, containing the beans. This lining keeps the beans fresh on their journey to us. We give the sacks and plastic bags away to be reused too; as part of our efforts to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Speciality Coffee

Here at Two Chimps HQ, we only source single-origin speciality coffee beans as they are the best of the best, having been carefully looked after through their growth. As an example, the coffee cherries are picked by hand when they’re nice and ripe, or left to ripen more if not. Next,  they’re processed, to remove the bean from its fruity surroundings.  This is done so in one of three main ways. The washed method removes the flesh from the seed before they are dried, whereas the natural method allows them to dry with the fruity layer still attached. The flesh is then removed once dry. Lastly, the semi-washed method (often known by the term ‘honeyed’ too) is a variation of both.

All of these processes are often done by hand, before allowing the beans to rest for around 60 days. The next step is to sort, removing any deficiencies found within the beans.

coffee sorting

Lastly, for the beans to be classed as speciality coffee, they need to be graded.

Certified tasters known as Q graders use a form of tasting called ‘coffee cupping, where each coffee is made in the same way, meaning that any differences must be the coffee itself, rather than the brewing method. Only if the coffee scores 80+/100, can it be labelled as speciality coffee.

Lower graded coffee is called commodity-grade coffee. Comodity graded coffee can still be Arabica, but often it is blended with Robusta to bulk it out further. The quality of this coffee is a lot lower for many reasons. Firstly, it’s often mechanically processed, meaning that all of the coffee cherries are picked, regardless if they are ripe or not. Secondly, they’re never sorted to remove any defects and lastly, they’re often over-roasted to hide impurities within the batch. This usually means there is minimal flavour left, and what flavour that does remain is often burnt and bitter.

These lower grade beans are used in cheaper mass-produced coffee that ends up on the supermarket shelves. Usually, no date is shared as to when it was roasted, making it impossible to see if it is fresh or not.



At our treehouse, we only roast coffee by hand and in small batches. This allows us to keep our stocks of roasted coffee to a minimum. As mentioned, freshest coffee is the best coffee. In fact, coffee is at its freshest within 2 to 14 days after roasting.

To help, you will find a handly sticker on the back of each bag of freshly roasted coffee that leaves Two Chimps HQ. On this sticker, you will see the roasted date, along with who roasted your coffee and the grind size requested. From this ‘roasted on’ date, you can see exactly how fresh it is.

You can help to keep your coffee stocks fresh too. Our top tip would be to order little and often. For example. Rather than placing an order for 8kg of coffee for the month, we’d suggest ordering 2kg a week. This way, you receive freshly roasted coffee every week. We deliver for free too,  so there is no postage charge or minimum order quantity either. Win-win! The lack of a minimum order quantity also helps to make sure your coffee is at its freshest, as you do not have to ‘over order’ to make up an order quantity.

coffee in a cooling bin

Freshly ground coffee

If possible, buy whole bean and grind when required. Beans will always stay fresher for longer because less of their surface area is exposed to the air. When you grind on-demand, you’re getting the freshest coffee you possibly can.

If you prefer your coffee pre-ground however, we can help with that too. We grind coffee to order at the very last moment before it leaves us, making the time between your coffee leaving us and making it into your hand is short as possible.

ground coffee in different grinds

Locally sourced

We’re a small independent coffee roastery based in Rutland near Oakham, and we love to supply freshly roasted coffee to local businesses. We deliver by hand too, meaning we are on hand to help with any coffee-related queries.

If you’re not local to us; don’t worry, you won’t miss out! We can supply freshly roasted coffee via courier service or post, free of charge. This means you can still get a regular delivery of fresh coffee every week.

If you’re in the area, then pop in to see us, have a look round our roastery and try our delicious coffees.

If you prefer, we offer a custom blend service where you can create a unique blend of coffee just for your business, and we guarantee that no one else will get their mitts on it. You even get to name it!  So, when your customers ask about the fresh coffee they are drinking, you’ve got a great story to tell them.

Are you looking for fresh coffee for your business? Get in touch with the team today.


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