Where can I find single origin coffee?

You’ve discovered the beautiful flavours that single origin coffees have to offer.

But, if you don’t have a speciality coffee shop near you,  it can be tricky to get your fix regularly


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How about single-origin coffee in the comfort of your own home, where it’s at your disposal, and it’s available 24 hours a day? Albeit, it’s probably not ideal to be drinking coffee at midnight unless you’ve got our chemical-free decaffeinated coffee. For your mornings, days and nights, we at Two Chimps can supply you with single-origin speciality coffee whenever you need it, direct to your front door.

Our hand-roasted speciality coffees are all 100% single origin. Not only are they from just one country, but they are from a single farm, estate, small co-operative or washing station. We have six main coffees, including a chemical-free decaffeinated coffee, for you to choose from, along with two limited-edition coffees.

Because we source our single-origin coffee from small farms and cooperatives, when it has gone, it’s gone. This means that from time to time we need to source a new coffee.



We will always source a new coffee with flavours that are similar to its predecessor, however. For example, if the original coffee is smooth and chocolatey, its replacement will be the same. Where possible, we try to source from the same country of origin, but sometimes, due to the harvesting seasons, this isn’t always possible. If needed, we will source the new coffee from a different origin, as long as their profile is similar to the original coffee.


If you are stuck for inspiration, we’ve designed our coffees to be enjoyed at different times of the day and using different brew methods. Know what you like? Awesome. If you know you like citrusy coffee then our current Rwandan coffee would be a great choice, however, if you prefer it smooth and nutty then our Brazilian coffee might be the one for you.

Only drink coffee in the morning for that much-needed wake-up call?  Our Colombian coffee will give you that all-important jump start. Prefer coffee after dinner but don’t want to be awake all night? Try our sparkling water processed decaffeinated coffee instead. Each coffee has its own unique flavours and story; all of which can be found on our website.


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As mentioned, alongside our primary six single origin coffees, we also roast two limited edition coffees which are quite different to each other. As you now know, we like to keep our main coffees very similar each time. This allows you to keep drinking a coffee with a flavour profile you love.

With our limited edition coffees, we look for some exciting flavours each time, meaning these may not always follow suit to their predecessor. We see what is in season and fresh, then choose a coffee that is super interesting that will stand out from our regular line up. Our two current limited-edition coffees are both very different. One is super light, fruity, juicy and acidic; ideal for a cafetiere or filter, while the other is jammy and chocolatey; awesome as an espresso.

Need a hand choosing a single-origin coffee?

Try our Coffee Wizard. It will ask you just four questions, then suggest a coffee for you based on your answers. Simple.


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Not ready to dive in just yet? No problem. Choose a sample pack of the coffees that sound right up your street instead. Available in 50g sachets and ground to suit your favourite brewing device too. Perfect for 2-4 cups of delish coffee.


As mentioned, you can order your fresh single-origin coffee right here, right now from our online shop. All orders include free 1st class delivery too.  Alternatively, we have a growing list of stockists who you can buy from both local and further afield, so if you’re in the area, support your local businesses and buy our coffee there instead.

Farm shops and delis retail our 250g bags in whole bean or freshly ground so there will always be something for you. We deliver weekly too, so you will still find coffee that is super fresh.


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In fact, our ethos is fresh is best! With this in mind, we make sure our stockists receive the freshest coffee possible, by hand-roasting our coffee in small batches multiple times each week. This ensures every bag of Two Chimps Coffee that leaves us is as fresh as it could possibly be. If required, we also grind coffee on the day of delivery; ensuring that even your ground coffee is as fresh as can be. Coffee, just how it should be.

So you have found single-origin coffees, now what? Well, our top tip would be to order little and often, rather than in bulk. For instance, rather than ordering one kilogram of coffee that could last you a month, order 250g a week instead. This way, the coffee will only ever be a week old, rather than a month. Delivery is FREE on everything too, so no extra delivery costs to pay.


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Found a single-origin coffee you adore? Superb.  Have you thought about starting a coffee subscription? It’s free to join and you can cancel whenever you like; there are no contracts or minimum terms.  With a coffee subscription, you will never run out of coffee again! You get to enjoy freshly roasted coffee, delivered when you need for free. You’ll never have to remember to buy coffee again!

Fancy a change each time? No problem. We have lots of single origin coffees to choose from. Alternatively, if you want us to do the choosing for you, check out our mystery coffee subscription. We will send you a different bag of freshly roasted coffee each time your subscription is due. How cool is that! You can even opt-out of decaf too if it’s not for you.


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Ready to jump on board? Great! We can’t wait to meet you.

Head to our shop now for the freshest hand-roasted single-origin coffees, all with free 1st class delivery.


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