Where do our limited edition coffees come from?

If you’re someone who loves to buy coffee online, then you will know it’s as simple as choosing which coffee you’d like, purchasing it and waiting for it to arrive on your doormat.

If you’ve done your coffee research, you’ll know where to find the best freshly roasted coffee. But have you ever wondered where your coffee has originated from?


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Single Origin

We hear the term ‘single origin’ frequently when we talk about speciality coffee, but what does it mean? Take our Brazilian coffee, for example; the origin is obviously Brazil. Well, yes. But, for our coffees, it’s even more specific than that. We know the country, the region, the farm and even the farmer who grew the coffee! Therefore, we can trace the coffee right back to not just the country of origin, but to the plot of land it grew on too.


Burundi coffee farm

Ethically Sourced

To source all of our coffees, including our limited edition coffees, we deal directly with the coffee farmers through our importers. This keeps the supply chain as short as possible. This means that the farmers get more money for their harvest as there are fewer organisations along the way looking for a cut. Because we only source speciality coffee beans, we pay between 30-150% more for coffee than if it was commodity grade. This is because it’s the highest quality of coffee you can buy.


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There are several things that we commit to doing consistently at Two Chimps Coffee. These include ethically sourcing our beans, only roasting 100% arabica speciality coffee and using only single origin coffees for starters. We also store our beans in their green form rather than roasted, roast by hand in small batches regularly, and deliver our coffee for free. We know that the freshest coffee is the best coffee, so we follow the above when sourcing both our limited edition coffees and our main coffees.

Our range of coffees

We have six central coffees that stay more consistent throughout the year. As our coffees are from single origins, even these will inevitably run out and need to be replaced in time. When we do so, we look for something similar in flavour profile to its predecessor. Maybe from the same origin or one close by.

Want to try new things more often? Our ever-changing limited edition coffees could be right up your alley.


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How do we choose?

We’re not specific about choosing which country our next limited edition coffee will come from; we are more interested in its provenance and diverse flavour profile.

Generally speaking, we know that the more sweet & chocolatey tasting coffees will come from South America, whereas the more fruity & floral coffees tend to come from Africa. When choosing where our next limited edition coffee comes from, we keep this in mind. We also consider the time of year and the harvesting seasons around the world.


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For instance, the main harvest in Costa Rica primarily starts in January and finishes in April. If we decided we wanted to source Costa Rican beans in December, we know that they would almost be a year old. Because we are always looking for the freshest coffee, we would perhaps avoid this and choose something that was harvested in October, such as a Colombian coffee, and wait until May for our next Costa Rican instead.

When choosing our limited edition coffees, we take all of the above into consideration. Even though we’re only buying a very small amount that will last only a few months, we still want the coffee to be as fresh and as tasty as possible.

Origins, profiles and flavours

Our six main coffees currently include Brazil, Colombia & Peru’s offerings, which are highly recognisable countries for their coffee. People will often say that they like a Brazilian style coffee, for example. When choosing our limited edition coffees, however, we can be more adventurous. Even though we choose coffees based on their flavour profile, some super interesting flavours are found in some super exciting countries too.


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As an example, our current limited edition coffees come from Ethiopia, Burundi, Honduras  and Uganda. Did you know these countries produced coffee?! Well, they do, and really good coffee at that.

Here at Two Chimps HQ, we love Ethiopian coffees, but they may not appeal to everyone’s tastes. For instance, coffee from Ethiopia is often fruity & floral, and you may prefer chocolatey and nutty coffees instead. Ethiopian coffee is light and delicate in taste too, whereby you may prefer something more intense. It is amazing how coffee can all be so different.

As an artisan coffee roaster, we are extremely cautious as to not to over roast our coffees, as over roasting can mask the delicate flavours with roasty and burnt notes. If we over roast the beans, we lose the naturally occurring flavours, and all the hard work of the farmers will have been for nothing. Each of our coffees is roasted differently from the others, and our limited editions are no exception to this. Some are roasted to a light roast to suit brew devices such as filter or Chemex. These devices showcase the delicate and fresh flavour of a lightly roasted coffee perfectly.


A V60 coffee maker with coffee and water


On the other hand, some of our coffees are roasted slightly darker, ideal for brew devices such as a Moka pot, Aeropress or espresso machine.



You will love how often our limited edition coffees change, especially if you like to try lots of different and interesting coffees from exciting and diverse locations. As an example, we’ve recently added a coffee from Honduras with a fantastic cherry-like acidity to our limited edition offerings, like nothing we’ve ever tasted before! It’s so exciting to see what is out there, finding where great single-origin coffees are coming from, and new ways of processing that are evolving all the time. Have you read about anaerobic processing, for instance?!


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Ready for some limited edition greatness? Superb. All of our coffees are freshly roasted by hand, ground to suit your brew method if required. If you order before 12 nooon, we’ll post it the same day.

What’s more, there is FREE 1st class delivery on everything too. Wahoo!


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